Ep.14: Singing Tips How To Sing High Notes for Teenage Boys

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Singing Tips: How To Sing High Notes if You are a Teenage Boy Going Through Puberty (The same tips will help us all!)

Singing high notes can be challenging for all of us, but sometimes it seems impossible for a young man going through puberty and experiencing a vocal change.

Inside this video I’ll give you three singing tips that not only help the teen boy hit the high notes, but all of us…including you ladies. Watch!


00:23 In recent episodes I’ve been talking about controlling the rising larynx and the shifting resonance as we sing. This is challenging for all of us but it can seem impossible if you’re a young man going through puberty and a vocal change.

For you ladies out there it basically means you go to sleep with your regular voice and wake up the next morning and say: Good Morning (vocal demo). And it doesn’t get any better during the day! You feel like you’re a (video of a donkey making a similar sound)….well, you know!

Now, imagine trying to sing with that voice! (Youtube video example/censored) Within a few weeks or months your voice deepens and you lose the high notes you once could sing. Are they lost forever? No! And there’s no reason to stop singing until your voice finishes changing.

You can regain those high notes. And the rest of us…men and women alike, can use these same singing tips to help us learn how to sing the high notes. However, young men, you may have to be a little more patient with yourself. It’s harder for you…but absolutely doable.


01:41 Singing Tip #1

Bratty Ney is a great exercise to eliminate the break.

Watch and listen as I demonstrate for men and then for women.

Men: This is Ney on the 5 tone scale, the Oct repeat, and the 1 ½ scale. (Vocal Demo)

Women: The instructions are the same for you. Here’s your starting pitches. (Vocal Demo)


05:05 Singing Tip #2

Dopey Gee is another great exercise to eliminate the break. We’ll use the same 3 scales.

First, before we begin the dopey gee, let me give you some help finding that dopey sound. What I want to say is “Duh” real dopey. Not a regular “Duh” but a dopey “Duh”. Now say “Gee” with that same dopey sound.

Men: (Vocal Demo)
Women: (Vocal Demo)


08:11 Singing Tip #3
This tip helps you do the Bratty Ney and Dopey Gee so they work faster. You may want to replay the video and watch as I used this singing tip on each exercise.


10:47 Do you know your Vocal Type? I’m not referring to whether you’re a Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass. Your Vocal Type means what you tend to do when you sing. If you know your Vocal Type, you can start working on specific things to help you improve faster.

Visit my website, PowerToSing and take the vocal test, which I call the PowerTest, and discover your vocal type. Then go to the Knowledge Center and learn about your vocal type. You can download free exercises for your vocal type and start improving your voice immediately.

I love your comments and questions. Be sure and include them down below this video and I’ll respond.

You can sing higher, with beauty, confidence and power. I’m Chuck Gilmore with Power To Sing. I’ll see you inside the next video.


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32 thoughts on “Ep.14: Singing Tips How To Sing High Notes for Teenage Boys

  1. Patrick Donnelly says:

    yea, umm i just cracked over and over and over… it didn’t help for me

  2. Francisco Fernandes says:

    Ok I’ll do this … i will broke the windows of my house but .

  3. Aluda Aluda says:

    i want particular videos because i don,t understand english . :/

  4. Tim Teller says:

    Sing this : watch?v=t0nTdIpPrY8

  5. daniel stepanyuk says:

    you sound like you’re in great pain when you sing lol

  6. daniel stepanyuk says:

    and you’re kinda off tune allot. lol

  7. Antony Leon says:

    My voice cracked up a little while doing the ney thing

  8. how can you avoid that crack in higher notes? every time i go as high i can
    mu voice just cracks. i’ve benn trained my voice and i can sing higer
    without having a crack but if go higher then its that crack again. HOW THE

  9. Aust'n Grey says:

    I’m 14,,, I can reach till G5 but with some strain. Sometimes I can reach
    and sustain high notes. I can reach some low notes but it’s not clear
    because my voice sounds deep. I want to know how to make my voice stay
    consistent, loud, clear, and powerful. I also want to know how to eliminate
    strain, and sound full even in high notes. I would love to here your reply.

  10. I can’t even sing the first Nay -_-

  11. I can do a little bit of the gee, but my voice is cracky all very early in
    the practices, do you have any tips, so I can work on this


    your channel is sooooooo underrated!!!! i love your videos damn muchhh!!! u
    should have like millions of subscriptions and views cause all of your
    videos were so INFORMATIVE,INTERESTING and COMPACT!!! what features i ve
    been looking for… i watched a lot of videos on the other channels and all
    of them sucks! never EVER better than this !

  13. Joe Yankee says:

    i want to sing high in a blues style. My hero is Alan Wilson of canned heat
    and he sings in this voice that is how i wish to sing also. any tips.

  14. Red Xenos says:

    I am in 8th grade and can’t reach high notes anymore. In 6th grade i was
    able to sing crazy things like I will always love you, and now it sucks

  15. Little Boy says:

    I could go high before. Not anymore. Any practice for everyday?

  16. Edwin Thapa says:

    I’m in the 7th grade and I am going through puberty and I can’t reach high
    notes like I could before since 2015 so I wanted to ask will my voice be
    back? And when will it be back please reply when you have the time to do so
    sir and thank you for these exercises it has been helping me.

  17. RezzyDevil101 says:

    8:23 – what do you mean by 5 tone and one and a half octave scale and all
    that stuff? (sorry, I’m a bit confused)

  18. I’m fine with singing high head voice, but I just struggle to reach high
    chest voice notes, I just can’t seem to expand my chest range, so hard!

  19. Samuel Yates says:

    used to be able to sing really good, I was cast as main parts in theatre
    and then my voice broke and cant sing to save my life and its so

  20. M. Muttamim says:

    hey, Im new to your chanel and I like it… really hope I can improve in
    singin because I really love to sing…
    but can I get a favour from u? can u please check out my cover at my
    YouTube account and tell me what should I do to improve my voice.

  21. Lukas Mendes says:

    I’m 17 years old and i feel my high notes are cracking and there’s a lot of
    breathy sound… When i was 14 i could sing A4, but today I’m able to sing
    a C4What may I do to take my voice back again?

  22. anthonymike1 PS4 ESO says:

    My head voice still goes really high, only lost a few notes. My chest voice
    feels COMPLETELY gone. Anything I sing sounds strained, nasally, and it’s
    uncomfortable to listen to, not to mention sing. My head voice is pretty
    untouched, but I can’t sing the same variety of songs now because my voice
    isn’t as dynamic without a chest voice.

  23. Zoilo Jagunos says:

    When I’m 12 yrs old..I reach hinger notes like dangerous by roxette and
    more girls song but when I’m becoming 14 I can’t do that my past…

  24. Eugene Angelo II says:

    Hello. I’m a 12 year old boy and can still hit high notes. Actually I can
    sing Chandelier and Hello but it’s very weak. And I can’t sing loud and
    strong. What should i do?

  25. Gamerfan144 says:

    You hitting those high notes make me jealous. I can’t get past a high E4
    without cracking. One question, I’ve seen teen guys around my age 16-17
    turn out to be great singers, they said that they have started when they
    were my age. However, when I look at recordings/videos they released, they
    were able to hit those high notes with ease. (The ones that could turned
    out to be tenors). Does that say that the way a teen guy’s voice behaves
    during late teen years give a hint to what voice type they’ll turn out to

  26. Alfra Vs Omega says:

    im in puberty it’s the worst

  27. Masterknown 31 says:

    lmao the ney words is making me sooo hard..

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