Ep. 1 “4 Breathing Types”- Voice Lessons To The World

Discover all about Ep. 1 “4 Breathing Types”- Voice Lessons To The World by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Ep. 1 “4 Breathing Types”- Voice Lessons To The World.

Episode 1 of Voice Lessons To The World: “4 Breathing Types”. In the first episode of VLTTW, Justin Stoney, the founder of New York Vocal Coaching in New York City offers singers insight on various forms of breathing found in singing. He allows gives tips and information on how to use the breath more efficiently to improve the singing voice. Enjoy the show designed to help singers everywhere!

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41 thoughts on “Ep. 1 “4 Breathing Types”- Voice Lessons To The World

  1. Jazz Experience says:

    Can I Breath from my mouth?? or just nose??

  2. Claudia galvan says:

    Genial! Muy buenos vídeos

  3. Abdullah Alsabah says:

    What if i do a 360 breath with my rib , abdominal and back?

  4. tran nghia says:

    Thank you so much for your professional program!^^

  5. gaijin134 says:

    This is great. Everything comes from breathing so thanks.

  6. Strawberry Bunny says:

    THANK YOU. I had an 80% lung function on my pulmonary test but by taking an
    abdominal or rib breath I feel like I can actually take a deep breath.

  7. Rosannasfriend says:

    I use the lower back and ribs. I have in the past used ribs and abdominals.
    I alternate, depending on what is working for me at the time.

  8. Mickie Vang says:

    I was wondering, what types of breathing types would you use in different

  9. Nirav Joshi says:

    This program is awesome!!.. its very helpful … Thank you so much Justin
    Stoney for starting this program..

  10. Cristina Claque says:

    Muchas gracias por tus videos !!!! Saludos desde Barcelona !

  11. Himanshu Mann says:

    Loved your performance in titanic, man.

  12. Michelle Angelica says:

    I am not aware of the proper way to make my true singing voice come out.
    Sometimes it did, but i don’t know how to do it again. I’ve tried many
    times and it seems to be impossible.

  13. Vocal Workout says:

    Very good teaching style. You bring your information to light through a
    very easy and natural way.

  14. Tom Franklin says:

    What a classy guy. Gifted teacher, so easy to learn from and so
    encouraging. Thanks!

  15. Charles Winters says:

    love your movies so much bro

  16. Vinod Karmenghe says:


  17. Flower Base says:

    Thanks this help me so much!! Now I know how breath in singing!!!!!

  18. CoryOrcutt says:

    I’m glad I’m getting voice lessons from Leo ;)

  19. Aaron Preader says:


  20. Jack Thompson says:

    How long should you inhale for

  21. Zamama Marwan says:

    thank alot i liked your lessons very mach i have aproblem i sing all time i
    hert my self i cant sing now cause a have a pain what should i do thx

  22. francescodonizetti says:

    Yes! Costodiaframica breathing!

  23. Lila Miranda says:

    I am an idiot I know but is that Leo dicaprio. If it is why is his name

  24. Yohanan Ver Walensis says:

    Justin, Why does a voice sometimes do things well that it normally doesn’t
    do? An example: Every now and then I’ll attempt a high C using falsetto,
    but, once in a very blue moon instead of the falsetto, the actual high C
    appears as a sharp rich sound without belting. A few minutes ago, it
    appeared in the Annie Lenox song, Into the West as a calm unforced rich
    high C. So, what do I have to do to get the reigns on my voice and turn it
    from random surprise, to a consistent source of sound? Perhaps, an in
    person consultation?
    The only person I’ve had friends go to that can help troubled voices is
    Katie Agresta. Are there others like her? Are YOU one?
    Thank you.
    BTW, I’ve been able to figure a lip trill, but I can’t put sound with it

  25. Kristian Sudjatno says:

    there is no audio after the music

  26. Patrycya Em says:

    Can a little lordosis influence by any ways of breathing? I used to have a
    little problems with my posture, I stoop a little ( im trying to have a
    straight posture but then I feel usually uncomfortable because when I’m
    trying not to stoop then I have my stomach too much outside because of
    lordosis), and when I’m trying tu push my stomach inside I stoop.

    Even when I’m trying exhale deeper, I feel I have wrong breath with air
    only in my lungs. When i’m sitting, I feel differ completely, with my
    breathing. But singers dont sing by sitting, they usually standing, so I
    have a problem:) Any advices for my problems with posture? Or I dont have
    any chances to breath properly ;_

  27. ragnarkisten says:

    This is so interesting. Now, I notice what I actually do I think, is a
    combination of the rib-breath and the low back breath. What do you think
    about that?

  28. Holly Lewis Every says:

    i wanna be on broadway so im gunna take every single one of your lessons!

  29. Andrea Edison says:

    I just sound bad no matter what ;-; I wish I could sing better ;-;

  30. GigiTheFox says:

    I’m trying so hard… At first I just liked singing for fun, but now I
    wanna be good at it.

  31. Miguel Rocha says:

    Singing engages our internal energy systems and utilizes all the senses.

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