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In this How To Sing Covers video, we’re working on the popular cover “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding.

I’m working with Giane on this one, and it’s not a song that she’s worked on really, but one that we thought we should share with everyone out there that might be inspired to sing this cover. It’s very rare for any artist to have perfect technique when singing a given song, so it’s important to pay attention to our singing technique, when we’re emulating another artist. Although I’ve not worked with her personally, Ellie Goulding has a bit of an airiness to her recorded songs, which can lead to some bad habits if you don’t know what you’re doing.

In this video, I give her a couple quick tips on placement and pronunciation that make all the difference with this particular cover song.


17 thoughts on “Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do – How To Sing Cover Songs – Roger Burnley Voice Studio

  1. Hi roger. I just have a question that i would like to ask. How long should
    i practice your varied vocal warmups per day before actually singing?? I
    find your vocal warm ups are very effective but i don’t have the confidence
    to record a cover purely because i don’t feel my vocal delivery is
    consistent. I’ll start off good then i’ll end up getting shackey. Any
    advice or tips would be great. Thanks

  2. If I was a girl I’d take advantage of my voice they sound so much better
    and powerful, by the way this helps a lot cause I always got stuck with
    high range songs.

  3. Hi I love singing but I have a bad habit of going to a really nasally sound
    when singing higher notes and it’s not.a pleasant sound i’ve tried
    correcting it but I have been unsuccessful. Any tips or advice would be
    greatly appreciated!

  4. Hey there, i wanna learn singing.M a beginner,english axcent not perfect
    but still wanna be a singer.
    My voice is not good..can u plz advise me what to do first? 🙂 waiting for
    your an early reply thankx

  5. Hey Sir Roger after a while my voice started to become breathy and I know
    that my voice is damaged, I talk from my throat. the way I talk damages my
    voice. Forget about the way I sing. Have any tip for healthy speaking. That
    I can do after I finish vocal rest.

  6. with the right technique male voice can sing just as high it takes tons of
    practice. I have sang songs where some female vocalist could not even reach
    the note.

  7. hey sir.. so I have a good voice but i used to sing in a wrong way and it
    got damaged a little bit i still can sing and hit notes but i get tired
    real quick.. can you help me with that?

  8. While using a mirror to monitor for openness, sing the following words in a medium, comfortable tone: hot, brought, not, fall, hall, tall, talk, walk, father, stars, bars, far, and broad.

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