Ear Training Course 1.2: The Perfect 4th Interval Hear Recognize Sing Play Guitar Lesson Tutorial

Discover all about Ear Training Course 1.2: The Perfect 4th Interval Hear Recognize Sing Play Guitar Lesson Tutorial by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Ear Training Course 1.2: The Perfect 4th Interval Hear Recognize Sing Play Guitar Lesson Tutorial.

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In this guitar lesson tutorial we’re going to start the proper Ear Training Course: The Perfect 4th Interval using: Hear Recognize Sing Play.

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27 thoughts on “Ear Training Course 1.2: The Perfect 4th Interval Hear Recognize Sing Play Guitar Lesson Tutorial

  1. Brian McKenzie says:

    Plays wedding march — calls it funeral march. Hmmm.

  2. Thomas King says:

    Another ear training lessons. I’m all ears . I’ll get my coat.

  3. Eva Skok Lamut says:

    Thanks Justin, another great one 🙂 I have a question, though: will you be addressing descending intervals as well? I started doing interval training a while ago, and got confused when it came to those. I couldn’t understand how going UP from, say, C to F was a fourth, but going DOWN from C to F – the same notes – was a fifth (which I could tell by the fretboard shape). It wasn’t until I realized that intervals weren’t the same thing as scale degrees that things became clear. It took me a long time to figure this out, and I imagine many others will have a similar problem unless someone explains it (but from what I’ve seen on yt, nobody actually does).

  4. ParadiseStrings says:

    How long is this course? Is it just gonna be interval ear training or it also have chords, melodies and other ear training too?

  5. Rob Smith says:

    Why don’t you just teach solfege?

  6. Oh Justin, you crack me up. Superman theme for Star Wars and Funeral March for the Wedding March XD

  7. Desert Fenix says:

    Best simplified ear training thank you very much for your videos😁😁😁

  8. Hagen Somuncu says:

    I saw you already have an interval training app for iphone/ipad. Please make this avaiable for android also. Id gladly pay for that!

  9. Please could you teach whiskey in the jar the Metallica version

  10. rhythmPhil says:

    It’s interesting but I hope we’ll get more advanced ear training stuff eventually. I’m a long time Justin follower and as such it’s been many years since I’ve learned all the intervals (I believe all of this has been explained already somewhere on the website long ago).

  11. Alan Simpson says:

    Love it can’t wait for the next lesson

  12. Tom Yarwood says:

    Can you please do a lesson on the intro to scar tissue at slane castle? Thanks

  13. Sean Hartley says:

    Do you practice your intervals both ascending and descending?

  14. Evgeniy NeutralMusician says:

    It is the funeral march for men, indeed.

  15. Uncle Jeff's World says:

    Fraudulent slip?? Calling “here comes the bride” the funeral march?

  16. downhill2400 says:

    Always great lessons here! Thanks Justin!!

  17. دروس جيتار اونلاين says:

    Welcome to mY Channel for easy guitar lessons ❤
    Now It is in arabic soon I will add english subs 😍

  18. Plz make a guitar lesson on The Cranberries Zombies.Your lessons are amazing.

  19. Skip Roush says:

    How about how to play hungry eyes would be great thank you Justin

  20. JustinGuitar Songs says:

    BTW, this tee shirt and many other awesome guitar tee’s are now available on my official store 🙂

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