Dorinda Clark Cole Vocal Lesson

Discover all about Dorinda Clark Cole Vocal Lesson by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Dorinda Clark Cole Vocal Lesson.

Dr. Dorinda Clark Cole gives an impromptu vocal lesson during a new artist showcase at her regional Singers and Musicians Conference in Baton Rouge Louisiana (Recorded by Chandra Wise)

14 thoughts on “Dorinda Clark Cole Vocal Lesson

  1. Mnqobi Nxumalo says:

    0:25 has to be my favourate frame of this section kwaaaaaaaa lol

  2. marquis halsell says:


  3. Micah Dearlo says:

    to ldog2010 that’s Ben Tankard on the end and Jason Nelson next to Jackie.

  4. CharlieBo313 says:

    I like the Clark Sisters but they do to much of that run stuff.  It doesn’t always fit and doing that is not the mark of a good singer.  There are many singers who sing just as well or better then them that never do any of that. Not trying to put them down cause I do like them. That’s not how to practice your voice. You should do breathing or diaphram exercises  and learning how to hold a note. Not by doing that stuff.

    1. CharlieBo313 says:

      +Summer Mccarter What a stupid reply, you make no sense.

    2. Summer Mccarter says:

      I didn’t even write that. Sorry my cousin had my phone

    3. Varian Hair says:

      its not a stupid reply that’s their opinion!! And they make a valid point

    4. CharlieBo313 says:

      Well why don’t you explain their point since you understand it because I don’t.

    5. Who sing better than them? Give me a Artist and maybe go listen to the song and see why the run was there!

  5. Preston Andrews says:

    i would NEVER have a…”voice lesson” in front of bunch of judgemental black people lolll. I would DIE

  6. Kenya Wilcox says:

    i thought she was gonna say “do it for the vine” 

  7. +Charliebo313 that’s what they teach diaphram and holding notes and

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