Don’t Sing High Notes – Do this First! | Singing Lesson – Vocal Tip

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Don’t Sing High Notes Until You Do This First!

In this episode NYC vocal coach explains why you shouldn’t try to sing high notes until you’ve done something else first.

Too many singers think singing high notes is the most important goal in training their voices; it’s not. There are many other steps you have to conquer, strengthen and coordinate before going anywhere near your upper vocal range.

Singing in head voice IS awesome, but it’s a very small percentage of where notes in songs will occur. Most songs are keyed in your lower middle, middle and upper middle ranges. Balance and strengthen those areas FIRST before going anywhere near high notes.

You need relaxed middle notes to be able to coordinate singing in head voice.

Crawl before you walk, walk before you run.


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11 thoughts on “Don’t Sing High Notes – Do this First! | Singing Lesson – Vocal Tip

  1. Michelle M says:

    I’ve been singing professionally for a long time. I’ve had my hands on most
    vocal videos at some point. Most of them are not nearly as good as Kevin’s.
    For the record, I’ve never even met him.

    I have a specialty in Steve Perry (see YouTube, “Oh Sherrie” drum and vocal
    cover, as I should put my money where my mouth is before having an
    opinion). I also sing Karen Carpenter while playing drums.

    This video is made primarily for people who are very new to singing.

  2. Great lesson’s i’m a big fan of your page , And learning so much everytime

  3. Black Bird says:

    I like your videos but you must be the king of throwing shades on other
    vocal coaches on YouTube 😄.

  4. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments. Please subscribe and share if you
    haven’t already.

  5. daviddimuziolessons says:

    Many excellent points 🙂 …Thanks!

  6. Ayan Saha says:

    whats ur best exercise to stabilize a voice which wobbles or starts
    wobbling or not free between c4- e4.what are the notes that might be weak
    and are the best exercises you recommend to stable them , Kevin.

  7. Paul Thornton says:

    Hi Kevin, I purchased your breaking the chains and vocal fire a year ago
    and have made good progress, I have also used previously Jeffrey allens
    ‘secrets of singing’ and roger Kains ‘complete vocal workout’. I feel I
    have a really strong mid range up to e4 and f4, beyond that probably not
    strong enough for stage singing Although F sharp G & g sharp 4 are
    reasonably strong. I feel like I have hit a brick wall here and my question
    is…….should I pursue your programme with full exercises on the cd to
    get the higher notes..or specialise in exercises for F sharp 4 and
    beyond….? Many thanks for your help.

  8. Kevin Ashe says:

    Great video Kevin! I really like your approach and insight on this subject!
    It’s a cool and effective way to quickly feel exactly where the critical
    “zone” is to be aware of, and then employ the anti-constricting techniques.
    You know something I found interesting, I wondered if you can identify with
    this. . . . .

    some years back, I was speaking with someone about this same idea and I
    went to try and demonstrate singing with constriction (choking on those
    notes above “E”), and I discovered I really had to stop and concentrate to
    undo the muscle memory I had developed over the years, in order to then
    actually sing the “wrong way.”

    When you’re longing to be able to sing those high notes properly, and you
    haven’t quite developed it yet, it seems impossible however, someday, after
    a good deal of training and singing, it will become natural, relaxed, and

  9. Sean Oliva says:

    You’re videos are beyond helpful. Anything I could do if my voice start to
    wobble or shake when I sing higher? thank you

  10. Stevierae says:

    Others would simply identical to to play some songs on the guitar.

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