Do you have enough TWANG in your Voice? | how to sing with Twang | #DrDan

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Learn to sing with Twang.
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Did you know that Twang is an absolute must for Contemporary Singers? But what is it? In this video Dr Dan will quickly unpack the essential singing technique known as Twang and offer some great tips on how you can develop Twang into your sound.

Read ‘Belt that Twang’ here:

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22 thoughts on “Do you have enough TWANG in your Voice? | how to sing with Twang | #DrDan

  1. Alexandre Carrasqueira says:

    Excellent video on twang ! It’s so nice to finally see another vocal
    teacher that uses real science. Thank you.

  2. Stinky McGoober says:

    Does adding twang cause the larynx to rise? And if the Larynx does rise
    doesn’t that also cause more nasality since the soft palate will drop in

  3. Roses1401 says:

    I thank you so much! You explain great! I also think the TWANG is most
    important lesson for every singer.

  4. Nicholas DiPasqua says:

    I really appreciate your videos :)

  5. Beep you i eatched the whole thing thinking you would teach twang!! you
    should mention from start that it will cost money.. wanker

  6. Denee Weathers says:

    When he did that country singing I laughed lol

  7. Rosannasfriend says:

    You’re the only person on youtube who described how to access twang,
    instead of going on about baby’s cries, or robot voices, or alien’s voices
    in cartoons. Those images might be more helpful AFTER telling us where the
    twang is accessed. Thank you kindly !

  8. Nutella Love says:

    Simply amazing.
    Is there any way, to get personal lessons with you?
    For example via Skype?

  9. Bogdan Kudyrko says:

    I’m having difficulties with the NG the higher I go my soft palate rises
    and blocks everything:

  10. Hi Dr Dan, previously I had left a comment on your website and you replied
    to my question with a video. I checked out that video along with a few
    others, and I want to tell you that I am planning to get your Voice
    Essential digital edition. I checked your website at DJArts and they said
    that it is not available on iTunes. However, I am still able to find it on

  11. Not Interested says:

    That model showing the flippy-down thing epiglottic fold (?) is beautiful!

  12. Camera Focuses says:

    “if you clicked this video you are looking for some great singing tips”
    Bitch we know that
    Very good lesson though

  13. HOW does one move the epiglottis to this position?

  14. Jay Haron says:

    OK If the epiglottis controls twang, and the epiglottis keeps food from
    entering the trachea, then can you learn to use the same muscles for
    swallowing to focus your twang?

  15. Dan Vasquez says:

    the technical explication and visuals are nice. Can twang produce a stable
    sound if a song goes through the passagio multiple times. I find with songs
    that do that like by Steve Perry and Bruno Mars get me frustrated trying to
    adjust volume that I end up just raising to key to utilize the hight part
    of my head voice

  16. i really want to learn how to belt properly sir

  17. Cole Huerta says:

    After taking these 4 steps you’ll understand clearly learn how to sing in tune.

  18. Aaliyah Lester says:

    Learning to sing with Janet from age eight, she was the winner of ?The Green Project’ showcasing her songs to the music industry in London 2003.

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