Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths #14: How to sing with a unique voice!

Discover all about Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths #14: How to sing with a unique voice! by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths #14: How to sing with a unique voice!.

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25 thoughts on “Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths #14: How to sing with a unique voice!

  1. Thank you for sharing <3 <3 I admire you

  2. i'm a corgion says:

    i’ve never been so fast in my life. i love you. (i’m 10 minutes late but oh well)

  3. the flawless one says:

    Singers with adequate/good techniques are more unique than singers with “unique” vocal styling and bad technique. You can sound like the latter, but if you try to copy Hyorin, Ailee or SoHyang (lol), you can’t because their good techniques literally help their voices to stand out ! There are more singers with bad techniques than singers with good techniques, how singing with a bad technique will make you stand out from the good singers ??? I don’t understand lol 😂 Good video

    Singers with adequate/good techniques that I consider “unique”:
    -Park Jimin (15&)
    -Baek Yerin (15&)
    -Luna from f(x)
    -Lee Hi
    -Bada (S.E.S)
    -John Legend

  4. Kagome Higurashi says:

    Rosé’s voice kinda reminds me of Bom

  5. i'm a corgion says:

    Sometimes I have a hard time recognizing NCT Taeil’s and Doyoung’s voice because they sound *”almost”* the same. I know some people can recognize their voices but sometimes other people can’t. Is it because they have the same voice color ? Or because their style is kinda similar ?

  6. I have crippling depression! says:

    What a king. I really appreciate people judging stuff while they actually know what they are talking about😊

  7. Son Seungyeon is a great example of a singer that sings well and can sing in many different styles!~ she’s amazing. Also, I loved this video! I love the ones that have more clips for us to listen to. Thank you for the great content, it’s been very informative and interesting 💙

  8. Park Bom did go to Berkelee so I would presume she was taught how to sing but throughout her career she started having more problems (nodules + no proper training) and her voice was ruined. She’s still my queen and I love her but I wish she was able to turn off that “technique” and sing healthier. She would still sound unique without it

  9. hannahthecritter says:

    I’m tired of people calling every indie style person’s voice unique :))

  10. That indie style of singing is so common I don’t know how anyone could think it’s unique. I guess it depends what sort of music you listen to though.

  11. So that’s why I’ve always found Park Bom’s singing very uncomfortable to listen to.. before I knew anything about singing just because I kinda feel it on my throat when I listen to her

  12. MCthulhu M says:

    5:38 She actually sounds almost exactly like Park Bom O.O If I didn’t know it’s someone else and didn’t see her face, just heard the voice, I would think it’s Park Bom

  13. seolseol seola says:

    20:22 why did that make me laugh 😂😓

  14. wang song says:

    it’ds reallly smart to discuss such a subject

  15. Thank you for this video. I’ve grown really tired of people hiding behind the word “unique” to excuse almost complete lack of singing technique. As you said, it’s perfectly fine to develop a specific style that fits your musical taste, as long as you learn the basics first. I see a lot of people praising Rosé for her voice when I, personally, find it difficult to even listen to her for a few minutes: but as soon as I try to explain why, fans will defend her by saying that she has a unique voice. To be honest, I’ve heard a lot of performances where she messed up even the pitch, and as much as you want to sing with style, pitch isn’t really something you can go around. I’m afraid the agency itself didn’t really care about giving her proper singing lessons as long as she could sing with a voice that fit their style and could be found likeable by the general public.

  16. It’s very possible developing your own style with a healthy singing, so style isn’t excuse to not sing well imo.

  17. keyboard6 says:

    I forgot about that girl who sang Adele wow time flies

  18. XDranzer000 says:

    Ahmin, when you said “twins” I immediately thought of the Baritone twins in Boyfriend. I know this is more related to genetic studies, but can identical twins have different voice type/timbre?

  19. rabbit penguin says:

    JJ Lin’s She Says at the very end 💙💙

  20. okay, this is probably a very very dumb question, but how can you tell if someone has proper breath support? and I have seen the video which you did on developing support – thanks for that- but are there any more exercises I could do?

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