23 thoughts on “Darren Hayes singing Lesson #1

  1. TrinaCrys7982 says:

    I hope there will be a lesson 2 ♥

  2. Isabella Favilli says:

    LOL Hilarious, been trying the exercises too!

  3. SteviesSister says:

    “Maybe something a bit more monotone”. LOL! Very diplomatic Darren!

  4. loveliuying says:

    That was a very good lesson! Especially the parts “respecting” and ” You’ve
    got to learn your lyrics at least.” were like a wake-up call to me. Also
    from this lesson, I’ve learned that the teacher is taking singing very
    seriously. Thank you, 909seafm, for sharing the lesson.

  5. CSIFreak52 says:

    0:52 to 1:00 is hillarious. Love Darren so damn much! 🙂

  6. Russell Smith says:

    This is brilliant. I have tickets to see him live, once in October (on my
    birthday, no less) and again on New Year’s Eve. Such a legend, I would love
    to meet him in person.

  7. kateo2006 says:

    @russiswar Me too! I’m seeing him in Melbourne Aust in November and then
    Manchester on NYE. So excited.

  8. raiden7358 says:

    Those guys annoyed Darren, you can tell.

  9. SteviesSister says:

    Just keep replaying Darren saying “No! Not MAH, MAY, MEE, MOH, MOO!” and
    nearly wetting myself! He’s SO funny! Love him to bits!

  10. I remember those lesson all my years in school. Darren is doing the right
    thing. 🙂

  11. articgoneape says:

    If you don’t take “singing lessons” seriously, you could strain your vocal
    chords! I LOVE YOU DARREN!! Wish they had taken u more seriously! I sure as
    heck would have!!

  12. Laura Williams says:

    lol I have no idea why people are replying in such a serious tone, this was
    clearly a non – serious ‘singing lesson’ made in jest, uploaded for the
    funny factor, & you could see the laughter & jokes coming from both sides!
    Darrens eyes were laughing throughout the process. Laughed so much over the
    ‘No! Not *deep voice* MAH, MAY, MEE, MOO, MAH!!’ hahahah! Classic! Cheers
    for the upload!! X

  13. Laura Williams says:

    And the random brrrrrrrrrrrrrzzzzzzzzzzzz of the lips that makes Darren
    laugh, epic!

  14. am15101989 says:

    I love Darren. Always so constructive. I love how he talks with his hands,
    the emphasis! It’s great! 🙂

  15. Janellbird says:

    I love Darren. He’s so cool and fun! Would love to meet him someday!

  16. PaisleyPlace says:

    @SteviesSister That’s actually a bit difficult for Southern singers/country
    singers b/c in the South, we tend to drop vowels & some words w/1 syllable
    elsewhere are spoken w/2 syllable. I’ve got a strong Georgia accent that
    I’ve been teased about for years. I’ve lost count of the sheer number of
    times someone called me or referred to me as Scarlett b/c of my accent.
    It’s funny too that both my girls, even tho the oldest ones accent isn’t as
    strong now, it’s diff to tell us apart on the phone.

  17. Esteban Rico says:

    Who’s the guy on the left? He’s beautiful!

  18. BeLIEver Hayes'Jackson says:


  19. MissRavenMoonshine says:

    bahahaha ‘do they have autotune for this?’ brilliant

  20. Liliana Radu says:


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