Daily singing exercises for an awesome voice.

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Your voice is a muscle and if you’re serious about wanting to learn to sing well then you need to strengthen that muscle. I can speak from experience, as someone who couldn’t belt, twang, sing more than an octave and a bit and had massive pitching issues to someone who has been singing professionally for the last 10 years. I did at least 15 minutes exercising a day (very similar to the exercises in this video) as well as singing through lots of material and within 6 months my voice made an incredible change. You can too.

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41 thoughts on “Daily singing exercises for an awesome voice.

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  2. Thanks for posting this. I have a soft voice so I think it’ll be a while b4
    I can sing with power, but I’m practicing everyday.

  3. hello my dear , please i’ve been having some problems with vocal exercices
    and singing as well sometimes and that is no matter how hard i use my tummy
    , i get a scratchy throat and really feel the vocals on my throat . i’d
    also like to point out that i try to use my tummy as correctly as possible
    i don’t know what to do to make it better , please help me , i’d love if
    you respond or even make a video about it

  4. Honestly, this lesson is tremendously humbling; it makes me realize how
    much work I have ahead of me! Truly a fantastic vocal workout, thank you so
    much for the knowledge. Subbed!!

  5. Do you have any tips for controlling the movement of your larynx? thank you
    and love your videos, use them everyday :)

  6. This is helping me so much. I’ve been trying really hard for the last
    couple days to help my voice, and nothing has helped. This is a lifesaver.
    I am auditioning for a choir in two weeks, and I am currently freaking out,
    because it’s an all a cappella choir, and don’t feel like I’m good enough.
    I am trying to improve my range, and this is really helping me a lot. Thank

  7. I dont care about singing i want to put my Microphone In your Mixer to tune
    you downtown voice ……

  8. Thank you for posting these lessons. I’ve only done these 5 times and I
    have already noticed a difference during the last band practice singing 2
    1/2 hours of rock/blues material.

  9. To be a very good singer start singing voluntarily in school recitals, parties, churches, espresso outlets, neighborhood theatres and faculty performs.

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