Daily Singing Exercises For An Awesome Voice - Daily Singing Exercises For An Awesome Voice

Daily Singing Exercises For An Awesome Voice

Daily Singing Exercises For An Awesome Voice - Discover all about Daily Singing Exercises For An Awesome Voice by reading the article below. If you want to know more about Daily Singing Exercises For An Awesome Voice and learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Daily Singing Exercises For An Awesome Voice.

You can sing like a PRO, if you put in the time and effort and practice daily. If you exercise your singing voice regularly then you will improve dramatically.

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61 thoughts on “Daily Singing Exercises For An Awesome Voice”

  1. I’m preparing for an audition, so I’m tracking my progress and practice.
    Day 1: Done ✅
    Day 2: Done ✅
    Day 3: Done ✅
    Day 4: Done ✅
    After only 4 days I have noticed that my range has already improved a TON, I’m louder, and the workouts are a lot easier. See you tomorrow!

    1. Jacobs Vocal Academy Thank you, I just found out that I made it to stage 2! About to start today’s workout.

  2. Any tips on making my head voice more powerful? Because I noticed that on the vocal Dynamics I did very well with my chest voice but my head voice was very very weak compared to my chest voice

  3. Day 1 done
    Day 2 done
    Day 3 done
    Day 4 done
    Day 5 done
    Day 6 done
    Day 7 done

  4. Thanks so much for this! May I ask if the keys / chords used in this exercises are suitable for females as well?

  5. 30 days challenge

    Day 1 – complete
    Day 2 – complete
    Day 3 – complete
    Day 4 – complete
    Day 5 – complete

    1. Leigh-Anne Clabby i could just do exercises on other videos but this one and then come back in three days again? (:

    2. Weirdo Me I actually have only had a chance to do it twice this week. 🙁 Go on without me! *dramatic music*

  6. 30-day challenge

    I’m doing this to see if my voice actually changes a lot.

    Day 1– Done
    Day 2– Done
    Day 3– Done
    Day 4–
    Day 5–
    Day 6–
    Day 7–
    Day 8–
    Day 9–
    Day 10–
    Day 11–
    Day 12–
    Day 13–
    Day 14–
    Day 15–
    Day 16–
    Day 17–
    Day 18–
    Day 19–
    Day 20–
    Day 21–
    Day 22–
    Day 23–
    Day 24–
    Day 25–
    Day 26–
    Day 27–
    Day 28–
    Day 29–
    Day 30–

  7. Heyy please support my audition i really really need your like and gifts in my audition please help me😭😭

  8. I have another question; I am so sorry for the frequent questions, it’s just that I’m still relatively new to singing. But for the range extension, what do I do when my breath can’t last the exercise?

  9. Im to be able to sing by fall to try out for my schools play and get a part. Do you think it is possible? I have never tried to really sing

  10. Don’t you hate it when your doing your lip trills and then halfway through your lips just give up and your just blowing air and humming

  11. All these people in the comments doing the 30 day challenge and supporting each other 😊😊❤️

  12. Improving my voice challenge: 30 days. Will comment after a month.
    Beginning: Cannot do vibrato.
    Day 1 – Done.
    Day 2 – Done. Able to produce a small vibrato.
    Day 3 – Done.

  13. This would be good and all If I didn’t feel like a complete idiot doing this and smiling the entire time

  14. okay so how do you even get that high with the range extension?? like after a certain point it was TOO high and then it went higher so how do I get my voice up there without straining or hurting my voice?

    1. Jacobs Vocal Academy it depends on the practice right? But if I practice 5/6 hours a day than how much time will it take ?

  15. Ok, I need a bit of advice. I practiced these exercises for approximately four days and on the fourth day I woke up with a sore throat. At the moment it hurts when I swallow but not when I sing? Can you tell me what’s going on? I think I may be doing something wrong here.

    1. Don’t do anything that feels uncomfortable or forced. Don’t push the air, but work on an even airflow and make room for the sound in your mouth. Try tea with honey for your sore throat. Get well soon 🙂

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