26 thoughts on “Craigs Stewarts — Interactive YouTube Vocal Lesson

  1. Your videos are some of the finest I’ve seen on Youtube.

  2. sakurabloom123 says:

    vogal shool? MEGAMIND!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dominik Hemeli says:

    this is the best i’ve ever seen!! O.o

  4. AGProMusic says:

    Craig Stewarts is my favorite of all Jack Stratton’s brothers. Really, they’re brothers, I promise!

  5. Sam Vallentine says:

    HAHAHAAAA, this is freakin’ hilarious!

  6. This has to be a parody of Expertvillage’s Ryan Larson

  7. Brett Labe says:

    I really want some bibimbap and bulgogi beef

  8. MittelalterKlampfe says:

    This passive-aggressive behaviour freaks me out 😀

  9. Woopin Bear says:

    It Gets Funkier before Vulfpeck at the beginning!

  10. Jack Fagan says:

    Jack Stratton, I love sharing a first name with you, you creative funk

  11. Clark's Bowling Club says:

    wow craigs thanks for the tips

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