Couldn’t Love You More by John Martyn – Guitar and Singing Lesson

Discover all about Couldn’t Love You More by John Martyn – Guitar and Singing Lesson by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Couldn’t Love You More by John Martyn – Guitar and Singing Lesson.

In depth tutorial on how to perform this classic tune for guitarists and singers.

36 thoughts on “Couldn’t Love You More by John Martyn – Guitar and Singing Lesson

  1. Graham Anderson says:

    that’s a sweet guitar tutorial,so thanks – however the guy who thinks he is qualified to ‘sing it out’ is deluded 

  2. Joshua Turner says:

    nice simple tutorial , thank you ( but i shall sing it my way )

  3. ahahahahha your a legend, sounds like you got smacked in your guts when you went high. screw the neg comments, keep going you legend!

  4. thedudesupreme says:

    Sweet tutorial, very clear, unlike some of what’s out there – people often don’t seem to realise that it’s not obvious to *see* unusual chord fingerings. But the combination of “singing with your gut” (and no, despite the word “gut” in that expression it does not mean you actually have to sound like you’re having a crap) while having to read the lyrics off a sheet is contradiction in terms. A little less babble and just the concise explanation would be great. Keep up the good work.

  5. twiggers23 says:

    John Martyn would be turning in his grave at the vocals.  Ye Gods!

  6. Rosa-Jane Graham says:

    Played very well but john Martyn’s voice was naturally like that and I don’t think the song suits someone putting it on when it’s supposed to be a very honest,heartfelt song but it doesn’t sound quite right with your vocal. Just sing how you usually sing and let it out and it’ll sound just as good 🙂

  7. Jason Scott says:

    great GUITAR tutorial, seriously helpful. Nice one….

  8. Carl Wyatt says:

    Guitar part is pretty good but hey.. the vocals put a big downer on the whole video!!! Poor John..

  9. Jack McFaul says:

    Thanks very much for putting this up! Was a great help, quick and easy ( couldn’t be bothered figuring it out myself!)

  10. Thanks for a great lesson, I like your teaching style. More John Martyn please. Least said about the singing the better…

  11. Paul Hanratty says:

    Thanks boys – always wanted to know how to play this one!

  12. KidKentucky says:

    yeah the vocals…..good night….holy f…!

  13. Frenk Mcginty says:

    nice one lads………………………

  14. Charlie Allen says:

    I just couldn’t love you mo-HORRRRRRR!

  15. The guy giving vocal lessons on how to sing it. Yeah right….

  16. Renny Jackson says:

    cool guitar vid, thanks for this!!

  17. Sing by the window, I’ll help you out.

  18. Charles Gosset says:

    Love this guys! big help and great advice for the vocals! Very clear tuition for the guitar! Im a guitar teacher myself so good to how other people do it!

  19. great tutorial thanks love this song helped me a lot

  20. Mark Robinson says:

    how does the other guy keep a straight face…… this is a David Brent moment 😆

  21. Daniel Smith says:

    Trying to keep a straight face at the vocal explanation

  22. twiggers23 says:

    You gotta slur it, let it in, let it out, look at the words and then mumble when you have to pick up your guitar part. Great guitar, shoot the singer, lovely broom cupboard x

  23. Brilliant, easy to understand and great sounding tutorial. Thanks!!!

  24. joanne hafford says:

    Its a shame people have been nasty about the singing; I would offer that no one can teach you how to sing a song, especially a John Martyn song, why would you want to copy anyway? Just be yourself and you’ll find that your voice sounds much better. I’m very grateful for the guitar tuition section 🙂

  25. I bought the Singorama package to help me sing about a year ago.

  26. Mckenzie Phelps says:

    Sing spiritual songs embody who bathes with the pilgrimage to non secular shrines.

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