42 thoughts on “Control Your Pitch

  1. hi i want to know how i could control my voice make it louder & how to sing
    with my loud voice without any mistake 

  2. I find when I am at home practicing my vocals….mainly pitch I do very
    well. When I am on stage I feel I’m all over the place. Not as good as I
    was at home. Why is that?

  3. is there any way to take a baritone and make them first tenor and ive been
    singing from my throat for years do you think thats why my speaking and
    singing is deep and my throat allways hurts the first few seconds 

  4. If you want to get paid to sing you are going to have to sing in to a
    microphone. Wether recording or live. You can practice all the technique
    you want but do it with a mic because it literally changes EVERYTHING in
    how you physically sing.

  5. Well she was pretty good….. its like I really have alot of tension in my
    throat that jeeps me from my high notes….. I really need gelp

  6. Ok im not one of those not knowing how I sound because at the moment I
    sound terrible but one day is one day lol hahaha

  7. 3:08 the girl puts her hand on her crotch and gets brotha excited, 3:16 he
    almost says to put her plit, then says hand. LOL

  8. These videos are a great review to keep us focused and reminded of how to
    redirect our voices in a short and simple way. What a huge help! Thank you
    so much Roger, you are really gifted!

  9. you’re so right about hearing yourself & focusing.
    When you actually focus & know what you’re trying to do.. it makes a huge
    I spent so much time just… shouting, singing, and not paying attention to
    my ears, listening or pItch & just the simple act of listening, and
    focusing on a tone helps so much.

  10. Roger I’m 27 and around 19-21 or so apparently was my peak in terms of
    pitch, my range (just up to the F above middle C usually tops, and 2 or 3
    octaves below that, can’t recall exactly)… and I’ve been smoking, newport
    100s of all things a pack a day or half a pack for so many years now I feel
    I’ll never get my pitch back or vocal power. On top of that most of my
    singing I did was throat, or at least half coming from the throat. Do I
    have any hope you think? Is it possible for me *not* to quit smoking and
    improve my singing voice, or should I just quit and go from there? Anyone
    feel free to comment, of course.

  11. What can she do about that airy quality of her voice? It’s much easier to
    sing with a soft acoustic guitar like kthat, as opposed to say how Billy
    Joel sang from the 70s through the 90s, with a ton of power… the mic
    carried on his own loudness, not much had to be added. Ah I see, she’s
    getting better actually as this goes on.

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