Clear Tone Voice Lesson 4

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Prevent a thin reedy vocal tone with double harmonics by lifting the uvula off the tongue to open the back inside of the mouth.
Susan Sweson Vocal Star Power Series

19 thoughts on “Clear Tone Voice Lesson 4

  1. I can get uvula to raise up and almost disappear when i Vocalize a
    relatively high note but as soon as I start working down the scale it drops
    and becomes long again however it never touches my tongue but it is never
    as high as when i sing a high note. Does this matter or not? 

  2. My teacher is spanish, and I’m italian, so she tried her best to explain
    how to properly lift my palate but never managed to. THANK YOU LADY Thanks
    to these videos I think I finally got it right! Gob bless you! 

  3. Sub & scribed ! …Haven’t looked through your complete library just yet,
    but I would like to know if you have any videos on practicing tones other
    than clean tone ? …I’m almost 2 years into vocals and finally started
    hearing them alot clearer, anyways. look forward to watching all of these,
    thanks alot for posting these. Ciao !

  4. I really, really appreciate you making these videos. You have really helped
    me clear out my voice and helped me sing much better and more properly.
    Thank you so much for posting these videos!

  5. you are a fantasticly technical, patient, encouraging teacher! if only we
    could clone you ! Great interaction and support of the students, thank you
    for posting, will watch carefully.

  6. You’re a really fantastic teacher…mine never told me about the uvula!
    (Since you are so articulate as well, you probably would appreciate knowing
    that the word you really wanted to use is “taut” (pronounced taught) and
    not “taunt” since tat has a completely different meaning from what I
    believe you intended). Thank you!!

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