Classic Vocal Warm Up Exercise for Singing Lessons – 2 Octaves

Discover all about Classic Vocal Warm Up Exercise for Singing Lessons – 2 Octaves by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Classic Vocal Warm Up Exercise for Singing Lessons – 2 Octaves.

Vocal Warm Up Accompaniment.
“clases de canto” “Gesangsunterricht” “Singing Lessons” “cours de chant”

That classic vocal warm up using the first 5 notes of the scale 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 then rising through each key for 2 octaves.

For those who need 3 octaves.

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39 thoughts on “Classic Vocal Warm Up Exercise for Singing Lessons – 2 Octaves

  1. Kamal Zabel says:

    i got to 16 of them and i’m 7 years old

  2. Sydney Pino says:

    I made it to the end!! 😀 thank you voice lessons, you’ve really been
    paying off(:

  3. 1:27 how can you even go past that without your voice breaking

  4. ShadowPrincess110 . says:

    I can only get to the high D and then my voice breaks 🙁 I hate that E!!!

  5. Are the last ones supposed to be whistle notes?

  6. Maddy Bidleman says:

    I went all the way through and im 11

  7. Aniya Gibson says:

    I got through the whole thing and I’m 9

  8. Pie- pinkpony says:

    I did the whole thing, but it was in my whistle register

  9. Clarity MoonStone says:

    Hats dead EASY im 9 :-)

  10. Rodrigo Guimarães Rosa says:

    the octave is wrong, is not octave the baritone.

  11. wellythonvieira says:

    Hello, what is the first and last note of this vocal?


  12. Mandy Tan Stemmler says:

    I found that I’m actual using whistle tone from 1:15

  13. Lester Sanchez says:

    How do you guys do the mix voice?

  14. Rebecca Inez says:

    After 1:30, I’m done. Then I’m just squeaking. Haha.

  15. quangluu96 says:

    Too high for a male voice ahha, I did only 1.5 octave.

  16. Mercado A. says:

    This is just 2 octaves? Oh gosh TT____TT

  17. TwinsunLunacy says:

    I had no idea I could reach whistle notes.

  18. EdnaandLizbeth says:

    Yes i did almost the whole thing!!

  19. SophiasCloset says:

    I kept going higher, past the last hi c and my cat came over and bit my
    toe! LOL

  20. SophiasCloset says:

    Ahhhh, now I feel bad because she won’t stop crying. : ( I think I hurt her

  21. Meta Chromatic says:

    For this kind of warmup are you supposed to start singing falsetto at some
    point? I’m not an experienced singer, I don’t even know what type of singer
    I am, I can sing a somewhat audible scale all the way up 1:30 :/

  22. Linda Casablanca-Potter says:

    Good lesson….you are very talented and personable! And your voice is
    beautiful and strong. Thank you for posting this! :)

  23. 1:10 and thats all folks!!! my god!!!!!!!!!

  24. Zoey Walter says:

    Falsetto was over at E7 😀 I switched to whistle tones.

  25. Darius Stewart says:

    this is so high, i’d love to see some one hit those last three notes.

  26. ion leusanu says:


  27. Andrews2490 says:

    Thank you for sharing and putting these vocal scales online. 

  28. Han Jinhee says:

    Omg i made to last one yass i guess that practice payed off

  29. Ok after my throat got tired I just started whispering lol

  30. Katherine Carter says:

    Great, loving the high notes.

  31. Sergeant Gaben says:

    Made it to 0:58, guess I’m more of a baritone then.

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