Discover all about CHRISTINA AGUILERA SINGING LESSONS! – MasterClass by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here CHRISTINA AGUILERA SINGING LESSONS! – MasterClass.

Christina Aguilera MasterClass:

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  1. Jason Rosenbaum says:

    Looking forward to the new music video Max. You did a great job with
    Hercules. Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Maries Notes says:

    Smiling all of the way through this video! I’m a huge Christina fan and
    this Masterclass looks awesome! I can’t wait to see more singing/music

  3. That’s too cool, Max! AAAH! I can’t wait for your new music video! You’re a
    fantastic singer, and I’ll try this out sometime, is it free? :)

  4. moviechic07 says:

    The promo video is inspiring. I’ve always wanted to take voice lessons but
    I was always to shy too. I am considering trying this out. I was in the
    youth chorus when I was in high school and my Dad sings he’s always
    encouraged me to sing and I used to sing all the time growing up I just got
    self-conscious the older I got. But this might help me find my voice and
    gain more confidence to sing more. Also, I’m excited for the new music
    video :D

  5. Diaz Carmel says:

    Great, informative video. Cheers.

  6. juststeveschannel says:

    Thumbs up for news of a NEW MUSIC VIDEO NEXT WEEK!!! (I mean, the rest of
    the video was okay, too, but can’t wait to hear a new song.)

  7. Willian Alves de Souza says:

    i need to buy her masterclass..

  8. Martin Romero says:

    Christina Aguilera, the one and only

  9. chester Mix says:

    Where to download that pitch detector ? Thanks.

  10. So much cuteness within five minutes and 33 seconds. hahah

  11. Lamar Dawson says:

    this made me smile so much lol

  12. Juan Gonzalez says:

    I want more videos like this XD

  13. As if I wasn’t completely in love with your blog because of all the epic
    Disney-ness I find out you also like Christina Aguilera and her amazing
    vocals. 2 thumbs way up and like 1000 high 4s!! You are the best!!

  14. Alberto Fernández Márquez says:

    Do you think this is a good way to start singing if you don’t have any idea
    and your voice sounds soooo weird (like mine😂) or this masterclass is for
    people who have a good voice and know something about singing?

  15. Lol I love his energy! Bright spirit! Wish him well!

  16. Conker32192 says:

    A single voice lesson. is correct. for 90$ cant complain i guess

  17. Roller Coaster Dude says:

    +MrCheesypop: It’s The Time Of Year!

  18. Vocal Verdade says:

    Christina Aguilera giving singing lessons is pathetic, she has a horrible
    technique and herself isnt an example of good vocal, i saw some videos of
    her classes and its a joke for fools

  19. Alex Razzo says:

    teacher teacher can you teach me

  20. Neirouz Assali says:

    can u tell us how are the lessons and if u learned somehing new from them
    after doing the masterclass!

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