Christina Aguilera in “Singing Lesson” by Demi Lovato

Discover all about Christina Aguilera in “Singing Lesson” by Demi Lovato by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Christina Aguilera in “Singing Lesson” by Demi Lovato.

just for fun~~~
i love three of them very much.

“Mariah Carey” “Whitney Housten” Beyonce “Lady Gaga” “Katy Perry” “Kelly Clarkson” “Demi Lovato” “Adam Lambert” “Amy Lee” “Celine Dion” “alicia keys”

40 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera in “Singing Lesson” by Demi Lovato

  1. mark tacher says:

    Only idiots like this shit video

  2. Ben Lovato says:

    is the best. And she was only 17-19 in those videos. Yeah Christina is like
    50. So when Demi is older she will be better. Actually no. She already is

  3. Kaylasa JaguarStar says:

    Demi hits approx. B4 or A4, not C5, on the part where you compare both of

  4. Pagan Amor says:

    WTF!¿? Que les pasa a ustedes? Yo amo a Demi Lovato, She is my favorite and
    I love, pero realmente se reconocer que Christina la cual me gusta mucho
    también es mejor que muchas incluyendo a Demi, obviamente si ponen vídeos
    en donde a Christina se le rompe la voz y todo bien mal pues ahy si es
    mejor Demi, pero la verdad Christina es muy buena y me molesta mucho que
    las personas la hagan menos o digan que grita, pongan vídeos donde canta
    perfecto! haber si así le gana a Demi, Y si ya tendrá sus años pero todavía
    canta muuuuuuuuuuuy bien.

  5. Eleni Papaiacovou says:

    Hayley Williams is really good too

  6. Yeah this is an abjectly vacuous video.

  7. Sarah Wolfman says:

    i don’t think demi has the style it takes to be epic like christina , even
    if she has the vocal abilities ,, i mean how many are vocal masters and not
    as successful as Christina?

  8. Lenroy621 says:

    Are you fucking kidding me?….Christina will always slay Demi

  9. Micha Queta says:

    mmm whats this shit? Aguilera sings like 10000x better dan Lovato.
    different ppl have different vocal range you know….

  10. Hiago Miranda says:

    Cool video, but Christina keeps better. Kisses haters! <3

  11. Carson M. says:

    Okay, first of all Demi is 15-17 in these videos, so everyone who is hating
    on her please keep that in mind. I respect Christina a lot, but feel Demi
    has a better voice. It’s okay if you don’t agree with me though, remember
    even if you are saying mean things about Demi, you are beautiful!

  12. Portuguese D Xtina says:

    The difference is that Christina has a more powerful voice than Demi,
    that’s why we like her

  13. Ashley DyL says:

    Fortunately, the dislike button exists!

  14. Gustavo De Lima says:

    Christina on “How to be a Legend” Oops Demi is just a teen singer without
    hymns, only generic songs.

  15. milford halligan says:

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. i can even believe you compared demi
    lavoto to christina aguilera. if you think demi lavoto even comes close to
    christin aguilera…….i dont know….your must be a little stupid or
    deficient in some way……..such a pathetic and sorry video,kill

  16. manuel nieres says:

    2:58 christina se te salio un gallooooo! °0°

  17. Guy, neither Christina nor Demi has good vocal technique. You should have
    chosen another singer instead of Demi.

  18. Also remember that Demi has a higher voice and this makes the high notes
    easier for her.

  19. No contest at all. Even drills sounds better than Xtina… LOL

  20. Melissa D says:

    Omg demi hahaha scherz natürlich singt xtina besser <3

  21. Zoujie Chen says:

    I am a Fighter and a Lovatic and I think they’re both amazing inspiring
    women and I personally didn’t become a fan just because of their (not
    saying it wasn’t a factor) singing abilities but for what they and their
    music stands for. I think we shouldn’t be talking about who is better
    because they are both very different people therefore they have completely
    different ranges and singing capabilities.

  22. Derrick Longoria says:

    Yall calm the fuck down 

  23. linkhare7 says:


  24. please stop that i’m a very big christina fan but please stop saying bad
    about xtina or demi we all know that christina is a legend and demi is a
    superstar she’s also more talented than a lot of artists out there but not
    more than christina cuz CHRISTINA AGUILERA is probably THE VOICE OF OUR
    GENERATION . there’s no comparison actually and for those who are saying
    that demi sells more than xtina : demi will never ever be able to sell as
    much as christina has sold back in her first album and in stripped because
    demi when she’ll be 33 she probably will be unknown

  25. JCaunario says:

    Funny how everyone calling Christina calling a legend. Demi outshined
    legend. Christina may have more success coz back in the days she didn’t
    have any competition. Nowadays its hard and buyin album is very different
    now coz now theres streaming services and youtube and illegal downloading.
    If demi was back in the days she’d outshine every woman amongst her peers.

  26. Byron Geovanny Masache Jadán says:

    comparación para mas absurda!

  27. Ayka Knowles says:

    Of course Christina Aguilera better. Xtina is legend. Her voice much

  28. Vocal Teacher From NYC says:

    Guys This shows christina is not a legend singer this is true! Demi is
    better than her look at christina she is forcing too much ! She can’t
    defeat Demi! Demi is showing what a real legend singer is! Look and listen
    How powerful her voice is! ..
    Christina is damaging her voice!

  29. Love for Piano says:

    this is just sad… how you all are deluded by Christina’s worst.. I am a
    lovatic tho but still.. I feel sorry for how you all deluded :/

  30. Leonel Navarro says:

    Really Nigga? Demi has struggles to,she doesn’t have a perfect
    technique,the right choice will be Whitney,Mariah or Beyonce

  31. Jesse Shirley says:

    My dog can sing better than Christine agullaria

  32. Kamilar135 says:

    It so funny! Glad you make such videos for the haters otherwise Christina
    is so good that they can’t find something to hate on… Thank you!

  33. anthony church says:

    Both of them need vocal lessons. Holding a note for a long time and yelling
    it does not equal good vocalists.

  34. Karl The TCL says:

    what’s that demi skit video where she’s a baby lol

  35. mateus sousa says:

    Demi can sing? Hahahahaha, kisses 💋

  36. Fir Aliff says:

    youre fucking stupid. Christina was so great when she was as young as Demi
    now. Why would you compare them both? I love Demi but youre stupid asf
    …too stupid

  37. Martin Romero says:

    I add me to your channel but this is really a stupid video

  38. Morgan Holder says:

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