Charice – Voice Lesson with my vocal coach Eric Vetro!

Discover all about Charice – Voice Lesson with my vocal coach Eric Vetro! by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Charice – Voice Lesson with my vocal coach Eric Vetro!.

when i was there, i saw Jessica Alba. haha. She was there before i did my voice lesson. then she left right away. hahaha.

my vocal coach? he’s Eric Vetro. 🙂

Check out his Website.

41 thoughts on “Charice – Voice Lesson with my vocal coach Eric Vetro!

  1. TheOsnapitzKat says:

    was this before she became famous???

  2. autumnsoliloquy says:


  3. Ingrid Sarayba says:

    and this is why she became a professional singer :)

  4. Felice Serenity says:

    Good! You’re a wide range- Mr Vetro.. of course its Charice..hehe

  5. Charijay Fan says:

    so this is how to properly 

  6. wendskie1 says:

    thanks for charice..!! i can now use this vocal warm up..

  7. wendskie1 says:

    big thanks to charice.! i can now use this vocal warm up..!!

  8. MagnusToday says:

    is this applicable to everyone?

  9. jimmy89858307 says:

    @aprilstorms19 hahah! You’re funny! :)

  10. Donna Leong says:

    charice so good and i heard one more artist doing vocal warm up that gives
    me goosebump.. hayley williams of paramore 

  11. Are you dressing like that to hide from paparazzi? :)

  12. LittleJ1576 says:

    i wish i could train with him. :’-(

  13. Merelle Matullano says:

    excellent ! wide range :)

  14. Marjolein Groot says:

    hey, those are the same exercices as I do with my vocal coach :)

  15. i love you charice!!!! youre amazing!! 

  16. Erica Burkett says:

    Guys Eric Vetro only gives lessons to celebs.

  17. Stephan Casey says:

    What qualifies you to say that her technique is incorrect…

  18. Stephan Casey says:

    I’m sure what he meant by forward is that she must keep a forward tngue
    position. That is proper classical technique. You can;t just say things
    like that!

  19. joeyboy constantino says:

    ur so cute charice ^^

  20. Erica Burkett says:

    I know 🙁 All of his clients are celebs. I researched that you would have
    to be part of something (Broadway, tv show, working on an album) to get
    lessons from him. And he doesn’t teach how to sing, his job is to just help
    keep the celebs vocals up and improve them. 

  21. Betty Bear says:

    I do the same exercises too!!:)

  22. Suk MaDiq says:

    So he only teaches famous people? Oh.

  23. joeyboy constantino says:

    charice is so cute ^^

  24. Charmaine Barcelo says:

    He’s also Ariana Grande and Katy Perry’s vocal coach. 3

  25. luciano mano says:

    I rrspect people who could really sing.i didn’t hear any mistake at all.

  26. angela ortiz says:

    She’s too good to have vocal coach. 

  27. Bellissimagomez says:

    charice is such a cutie i miss her

  28. Wayne Gold says:

    charice sounds like a boy now and she can no longer sing ! she’s lost her

  29. Wayne Gold says:

    its sad ! but this stuff happens !

  30. Wayne Gold says:

    she has to sing low now cause she’s a not technically

  31. Paulhance Aguilar says:

    Stop it guys….We should still have some respect to charice….Because
    expressing yourselves is important…That’s why im really proud of her…..

  32. Paulhance Aguilar says:

    So do not force her to be someone she’s not….Love you Charice…

  33. How did you get in contact with him?

  34. The Dark Side says:

    who is Mark Charice? Was he your boyfriend?

  35. Vanessa Chung says:

    By practicing my scales (mostly in the car commuting to work) and plenty of encouragement from Maria, I have become more and more confident in my singing voice.

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