Charice Pempengco – All By Myself (That’s how you sing this song)

Discover all about Charice Pempengco – All By Myself (That’s how you sing this song) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Charice Pempengco – All By Myself (That’s how you sing this song).

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One of the best vocalists in todays time Charice sings the song All By Myself. Get ready to be blown away when you hear the big note in this song. This girl has got some strong pipes 🙂

45 thoughts on “Charice Pempengco – All By Myself (That’s how you sing this song)

  1. CelineDion VEVO says:

    Best singer in the philippines And One Of the best singer in the WORLD

    1. Mark Fiel says:

      Kinangina to, kala ko talaga si Celine nag comment haha.

    2. curry fishead says:

      She died..killed by Jake Zyrus 😊

    3. realguitarshredder says:

      I can’t believe you actually commented here.. big fan.. and you are right.. amazing voice

  2. Kristine Simpliciano says:

    Still listening, 2018. ☺

  3. Love Music says:

    Many people think Charice sings better than Celine,but never thought Charice sang this song far less than Celine,I mean…this song is very difficult,but Celine will sing in every concert she has,if she plays every original concert with the original key,then her throat is probably broken.
    Charice is a great singer,she also sang very well in this song,but it does not mean she can replace or surpass Celine Dion,if she sang this song 100 times like Celine, she must also lower the key to protect her throat.
    So I think Celine is unique,no one can replace her,Charice is great,but she still can’t surpass Celine!

  4. Romarose Rose says:

    No one can beat this performance!! Absolutely stunning!!!

  5. Jansen Penol says:

    Only celine and her can do this!!!

  6. zamboanguita cooperative says:

    sayang wala nang CHARICE 🙁

  7. Sahan Tustas says:

    Alisah banaobra better than charice

  8. Dani Wind says:

    I just know this. My god how noone can top this or at least equal to this performance? Suaranya anjiingg

  9. God! What he could’ve become!!! Glad he’s happy now, but jesus this is a talent that is not going to be replaced easily!


    I still love this lovely lady.😭😭😭

  11. Lyra Beth Caday says:

    She waste her Voice to Become Lesbian and now her voice is Shorter beacause of injections to change her Hormonal Voice into Male..

  12. Ynohtna Gan says:

    It’s okay to be “tomboy” charice but please don’t change your voice

  13. Letrell Pungtod says:

    The best cover of all by my self by celine dion…

  14. Judelyn Abarilla says:

    sayang charice … naginguni tomboy ka na …. miss na kita as girl … di mon na kaya mga high notes ngayon peroration support pa rin ako sayo

  15. acik mediasocial says:

    We also love charice . Please come and sing in Malaysia too . Love & Greeting from Malaysia

  16. mimi chen says:

    Oh charice i miss this performance…

  17. aiza alquizar says:

    i miss this kind of performance from Charice 😢

  18. kelyson araujo says:

    Na minha opinião, Depois da Celine, melhor interpretação dessa canção.

  19. birlene Cabatbat says:

    God gave u best talent that help to ur family but u forgot to love ur mother

  20. Xx_Iphone_xX says:

    Did the Illuminati fucking ruin her? She had too much attention & fame think about it and being the best girl singer worldwide & also her first single was pyramid!!! Hmmm🤔

  21. Nicole Valencia Official says:

    The best singer 😍😍

  22. disqua lify says:

    I wish she could be just aiza seguerra nalang,napreserve padin yung voice nya na ganyan til now tho she chose to be he

  23. It's Missy Aira says:

    I miss charice pempengco😭😭😭

  24. norenbhel panganiban says:

    talaga pag may nakatalo sa kanya till 2020,bibenta ko yung antique na lamesa namin sa bahay😂

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