Cat Helps His Mom Sing A Cute Song | The Dodo

Discover all about Cat Helps His Mom Sing A Cute Song | The Dodo by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Cat Helps His Mom Sing A Cute Song | The Dodo.

Cat Helps His Mom Sing A Cute Song | This cat knows how to sing along with his mom!

Footage provided by ViralHog: ()

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43 thoughts on “Cat Helps His Mom Sing A Cute Song | The Dodo

  1. Kateřina Perháčová says:


  2. Sara Owen says:

    So adorable! I love it when owners teach their cats this. I wish I knew how to teach my cat. How do they do it? Can anyone tell me? 🤗😻😍😘

  3. Deplorable Dave says:

    She was pinching the cat’s tail. I found out the Inside Story on this video.

  4. Bell MioneC says:


  5. SophieSophs says:

    Awww that’s sooooo cute I giggled each time the cutie meowed 😊

  6. V P Deodhar says:

    Twisting tail of poor cat every end of line

  7. Julie Nielsen says:

    Pinch kitty’s tail to make him meow.

    1. Anya Vladim says:

      Julie Nielsen have you ever pinched a cats tail before?! I bet not. I have, on accident, few times and let me tell you ,that meow would’ve sounded VERY different. Not to mention, cats run away if they’re hurt. Their demeanor changes and they wont sit in your arms like this cat is. So shut the fuk up, you old bitch, and enjoy this precious baby singing! Better yet, get the fuk out of here! Sick of psychopaths like you!

  8. That spanish love makes a kitty sing 😂

  9. Anya Vladim says:

    This just made my night!!!! 😍😍😍😍

  10. factenter says:

    But can she tap her paws together? Yes? and what about the cat?

  11. Lily Fang says:

    Cute, what language is she singing in?

  12. Ellie Louray says:

    Super Cute
    Best Duo ever😁😁

  13. Is their an instagram where i can find her with her cat. This is strictly for the cat

  14. Daniel Monaco says:

    “Silly human, you know I only speak french!”

  15. Anwar abdul khader says:

    Hahahhahaahhahhhaahahahhahhhahahaaahahaahahahahahahahahah hahahhahaahhahhhaahahahhahhhahahaaahahaahahahahahahahahah hahahhahaahhahhhaahahahhahhhahahaaahahaahahahahahahahahah hahahhahaahhahhhaahahahhahhhahahaaahahaahahahahahahahahah hahahhahaahhahhhaahahahhahhhahahaaahahaahahahahahahahahah hahahhahaahhahhhaahahahhahhhahahaaahahaahahahahahahahahah

  16. SwenglishGamer says:

    Can’t wait for the mixtape to drop.

  17. dianisa damayanti says:

    please help, i saw this video 5 times and cant stop… soo cuteee

  18. Ilovesesshomaru sama says:

    Omg cats are evolving! Quick we must destroy them now. I’m just joking, but my old cat used to try repeating what I said and it used to creep me out.

  19. nuwantha Deshapriya says:

    Ha ha meow 😀 background singer…

  20. Carla Tibbs says:

    Is this at the doctor Philips center?

  21. Colin Noble says:

    Cat doesn’t look too happy though lol

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