Can Someone “Learn” To Sing? (Part 1)

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43 thoughts on “Can Someone “Learn” To Sing? (Part 1)

  1. NamelessMuse says:

    I would LOVE to have a teacher like you. Damn. 🙂

  2. Julie Flores says:

    I think I’m in the first category with a little of the third one thrown in.
    I’ve been trying to learn to sing but I haven’t been following the rules
    very well so I think I’m making my voice worse. It is getting more scratchy
    and because I don’t have a good ear I’m not sure if I’m doing anything
    right or wrong. I’m trying to sing more but I just seem to be making it
    worse. I’m definitely going to be slowing down and starting from the
    beginning with your videos. 🙂

  3. Kali Parry says:

    Really well said and very encouraging.

  4. StreetAngelc says:

    wow the third part was like therapy lol

  5. Valeria Muñoz says:

    yep, I’m definetly type 3 ever since I was little my big sister, who has a
    good voice, always told, and still tells me, I can’t sing, I mean I know I
    don’t sing very well but now I just can’t sing in public, or even with
    friends for that matter cuz I’m kinda afraid they’ll tell me the same…but
    god do I love singing

  6. Cooper Weyen says:

    Good for you. 🙂 I bet you’re amazing. :p

  7. jenis1120 says:

    I wish I could move to wherever you’re at just to take lessons from you.
    I’m that 2nd and 3rd person you mentioned but I want a better voice so bad.
    Music is my life.

  8. For daily practice. How much should you practice per day including warmups?
    I’m a beginner so I don’t want to overwhelm myself, but I do want to make
    sure I’m getting adequate practice.

  9. I don’t care how old i’m gonna be.. but if i’ll have enough money, i’ll
    look for you and ask you to be my teacher. I can barely sing and a DEFINITE
    type 3 -_-

  10. Rafael Mendoza says:

    I’m category 4 – no hope forever lol

  11. clain kalvin says:

    i must say you seem like an amazing guy! keep your self that way!

  12. allizdaughter says:

    Thank you. This has been a very helpful video.

  13. Beading4perfectionis says:

    catogory 3 here, as a kid a teacher told me my I was an annoying base in
    between all those high pitch kid voices. Noways I do beading video’s and I
    get ” I love your voice” all the time LOL

  14. Rekka7773 says:

    My biggest roadblock when it comes to singing is that I want to sing more
    then almost anything but Im so shy I have a hard time practicing around
    people ;-;

  15. WolfofGamers says:

    i kinda have the first problem sometimes. usually though i have the second
    and in a way the third problem.

  16. Frank Conti says:

    ,,, you’ are truly’ blessed’ !!!,, 🙂

  17. Rose Deacon says:

    I turned into type 3 years ago. I got over that, but now I am working on
    the type 2, because I closed up for so long, it is like starting all over
    again. The best self confidence booster I had was when I was singing in a
    parking lot and did not realize I was as loud as I was. So I was putting
    the groceries in the car and there were people every where clapping. If I
    could learn to get type two down. I know I could do it.

  18. Great video, this is the kinda video that should be seen by every singer.

  19. thank you man, I’m from the third group and I’m always afraid of singing
    even infront of myself 😀 You are giving me hope, thanks!

  20. enrique octavio maynez jasso says:

    i know that everybody can learn to sing but.. its it possible for every
    person who learns to sing performe for example a cover of fredy mercury?

  21. ForeverCellist says:

    I’m in the third group, but not quite the way you explained it. My parents
    (my dad in particular) have always told me that I sing pretty well, and I
    used to sing all the time when I was younger. But as I got older for some
    reason I stopped wanting to sing in front of people, even my own family and
    friends. I honestly don’t think I sing well even when people tell me I do,
    and I’m pretty self-conscious. I’m trying to get over that! >< Watching this video really helped me realize this. 🙂

  22. I was just recently introduced to you and your YouTube channel and have
    enjoyed what i’ve seen. I believe your positive attitude is so awesome.
    Keep doing what u do!

  23. WheresMyMango says:

    You’re so realistic 😀

  24. TheLunarFlower says:

    2nd and 3rd…I can only get out of 3rd when I’m home alone so no one can
    hear x/

  25. Ronald Mubiito says:

    Hi Eric, in order to improve on my singing, WHAT MUST I NOT AND DRINK to
    keep my voice cool n clear. Coz i hear wines and beers are not good for the

  26. missEmmzz says:

    I can’t sing to save my life and I want to learn so bad just because I love
    singing and I’m awful!! I’ve heard myself on recordings and I’m so bad!!

  27. Garfunklmibladder says:

    omfg I’m number three xDD

  28. Nikki Outside The Box says:

    LOL dang i sound like numero tres

  29. Joshkidding22 says:

    Great video eric. This is a life lesson haha. Perseverance and discipline.
    Thanks for sharing your talents and vocal wisdom!

  30. frank datank says:

    I’m scared to sing whenever’s there’s people within a 200ft radius. If I do
    sing, it’s quietly to myself, in my room or in the shower. I wan’t to see
    if I can get out of my comfort zone though. I’m not trying to become a
    great singer but, be able to sing at least.

  31. Red Gaming says:

    i’m definitely in the group 2 and a little into 3 😀

  32. As well as?having?thirteen years’ experience teaching Music and singing in secondary schools up to A Level and Grade VI standard, I actively perform as a singer and keys player in an Indie band (The Motion) and an eclectic music collaboration called the Karlos Kollective.

  33. Bianca Cameron says:

    Vibration resounding singing the track in gentle of every cell 3 billion atoms of your physical body and the thoughts continues to be breathe the character of the oneness of God.

  34. Abraham Bush says:

    A nice variety of vocal workouts and complete songs in various styles are presented, making this ebook an enjoyable studying expertise as well as an effective device for voice development.

  35. Amanda Chung says:

    There are also many aspects that need to be addressed so you can be a good singer If you want to know?how to learn how to sing.

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