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  1. She’s actually a great performer full of life and knows how to put on a great show I now know why she left the band.

  2. As her worst it still is loads better then my best

  3. TheSwagiliciousMan says:

    Its hard when you dance and sing the hard note at the same time

  4. Cathi Lins says:

    0:40 how the fuck is this the worst she fucking slayed

  5. McKenna The CatDog Fan says:

    Before she left FH she sounded like a chipmunk.

  6. Elizabeth Downie says:

    lol she still sounds great when shes at her worst

  7. clashoftash says:

    Why were do some the bad ones actually sound good

  8. Mikasa Ackerman says:

    The worst miss movin on was good lol. Most of these are good and just tech problems

  9. Destiny De La Torre says:

    Where the worst at the all I see is best

  10. Aurela's Vlogs says:

    I dont see the worst parts of these? You mean Good vs better ⭐️😂😍

  11. Alex Rojela says:

    At 0:57 i think it was best..😌😌😌😌

  12. I don’t see any *”bad”* I only see *Tech* problems. It should be named *”Good to Best”*

  13. Mateo Delaj says:

    The first best one for work from home was lip sync😂😂😂😂

  14. Alaniz and Estefani says:

    Well obviously she’s going to sound better when she sitting down then when she’s dancing but she sounds amazing both ways 🔥💯

  15. { cries in mendesarmy } says:

    My BITCH always sounds good

  16. Random Prim says:

    i think her “Worst” are even better than others

  17. Raymond Wei says:

    This shows so much improvement from her

  18. I love at the end u puted perrie edwards

  19. misunderstood dreamer says:

    why was she the most popular?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?! SHE CAN BARELY KEEP HER DO

  20. GamerGirlEvangelia is my roblox acount says:

    1:46 her mic wasn’t working

  21. Namita Kiran-Thuene says:

    cuz baby you’re *YOU’RE THE BOSS AT HOOOOOOMMMEEE*

  22. Fun with Angelina D'Ornellas says:

    Yo stop hating,like y’all can even sing

  23. sinon sao100 says:

    camila is perfect in sing there’s no worst ver

  24. LunaTheGreat says:

    best work from home is lip synced

  25. Elizabeth v. says:

    All of her vocals are her worse

  26. Gail Andrea Fontarum says:

    maybe not the worst, just normal

  27. seems like the worst vocals are because she’s singing while dancing. Well that makes sense.

  28. Regular Jess says:

    For some reason all the best ones when the person is playing the guitar

  29. Ella Scandling says:

    the first one wasn’t even bad

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