Build Your Head Voice FAST – Here’s How! / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Discover all about Build Your Head Voice FAST – Here’s How! / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Build Your Head Voice FAST – Here’s How! / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.

Great Vocal Tips that will help you learn how to sing like your favorite artist! Smule singers will appreciate this lesson on what head voice is and how to use it!

Build Your Head Voice FAST – Here’s How! / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Learn how to combine your chest with your head voice and get KILLER range with headvoice.

Get the secrets to mixed voice! Here’s how.

Check it out!

40 thoughts on “Build Your Head Voice FAST – Here’s How! / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

  1. TheTrock121 says:

    Hi Ken. When singing I can’t go that far up into head voice – E or F. When I sneeze though I can hit high notes with incredible volume without strain – a great way to annoy co-workers! Is there any way to borrow from this technique? Is it impossible to voluntarily contract the diaphragm this much?

  2. BACKSabbath420 says:

    Hi Ken, I’ve been watching your videos for years but never commented. I’ve been singing for about 3 years. I used to have really nice bright falsetto and a good head and mixed voice. Now that I’ve practised building up more of a strong chest voice, my falsetto almost feels impossible to use for most things. For instance when doing this exercise, when dropping from the high note into the mid range, my voice feels REALLY unstable. I can’t put my finger on why and its so frustrating.

    I know there could be a million answers, but is there any advice you could offer?

    Thanks mate!


    I’m messing around with how much I put my diaphragm into this exercise and am noticing progress! haha, thanks.

  3. Dayeeta Das says:

    Can u pl z give a regular exercise for developing head voice sir

  4. Hossein Ebrahimi says:

    Hi. many thanks. I have a question. why some singers like Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli’s head voice are somehow different. It has no difference with their middle and chest. do they even use head voice ? I’m confused.

  5. TheTrock121 says:

    Ken, you are the best! I just watched this again and was able to follow you in head voice. Something just clicks with your instructions. I had worship practice at my church yesterday and my tone was better than ever. I do have a little trick you may like – before practice I have a dollop of coconut oil – nothing better to lubricate the vocal folds.

  6. francis saniana says:

    gud day sir Ken! just wanna ask if the head voice is some sort of using your chest resonance to give power or thickness on the head voice in terms of high notes in order for it to not to be sound like flutey or airy? tnx!

  7. Does The Weeknd have a head voice? BTW love your vids πŸ™‚

  8. Aditya Thokchom says:

    help sir..I am a 14 year old boy..I am not able to find my head voice.. I always end up singing in falsetto.
    I don’t know what the problem is…no matter how hard I just doesn’t get to head voice

  9. I’ve been working mostly on a strong chest voice, bypassing my usual girly pretty falsetto and head voice, now I’ve lost it #useitoeloseit lol…

    my whistle register is GONE. 😣😣😣 practise time!

  10. foto21com says:

    Hey Ken, I can sing in chest voice and head voice, but wow, can I not do the bridging between the two.

  11. Lawni 8bp says:

    If I sing high pitch I sound like girl

  12. Ian Millar says:

    How to do falsetto like the voice teens in Ph heaven knows by archie and bryan

  13. The Shed Singer says:

    im just beginning. This guy is so interesting to watch. Thanks for the vids, Hopefully i will learn something

  14. Rikki White says:

    Hey man, I can’t go very high with my voice, my voice just stops when I try to sing certain notes. Will it be possible for me to practice and be able to sing like rob halford over time?

  15. Prepper Action says:

    I discovered this by happenstance when I was singing along to Creams classic “White Room.” The falsetto in that song is rich sounding and transitions out almost to a natural tone singing voice. Would love to see you do this song, if you haven’t done it already.

  16. MovieGoat says:

    What is the name of the Song again?

  17. Hichem Mettiti says:

    he’s at 99% and I’m at 2%
    send help

  18. Ally Farjannah says:

    teach how to reach the note of stone cold 😭by demi lovato

  19. Rainyday Lps says:

    Okay so I’m impressed now… am that takes alot for me. I’d like to hear more. Is your courses online?

  20. moaz mezo says:

    how did you do the shocking on your voice when you get ahigher notes?

  21. Sir i wish i can live with u even only a month…but since it’s impossible can u tell me how i can know that I’m not goin off the note in the beat?…how can i develop tones and switches

  22. xUnimportant x3 says:

    If I start to lern to sing can I sing better, more powerful and higher/lower that before?

  23. Kelly Sunseri-Adams says:

    Whats the difference between head voice and falsetto? it sounds pretty similar to me

  24. I heard you should sing with your mouth open but your exercise seems to have you mouth closed???? which is right?

  25. Rainbow* shine. says:

    I don’t know why when i sing in head voice That is really week mine… i have a sort of headache maybe i push it a lot or i do sing with pression. So my voice is kinda raspy and sultry i almost sound like rihanna on her album anti i think i have the potential to devaloppe my voice but i struggle a little bit with high notes specially whe i sing in english .. not on oriental
    … i’m not confortable with high notes but when i worm up my voice a little bit it’s more easy. But here my lower notes become week kind of when i start earning high notes . But i have a pretty good control of my voice . But sometimes when i belt too high i sound nasal ! !! Like my mask voice mixed with chest voice i don’t know howtosayit but that’s it Thanks

  26. Kaylen April says:

    Hey Ken Tamplin, I love your videos, but could you please release a video on singing with emotion. so that we can learn to captivate when we are singing and to give the audience goosebumps.

  27. CrAzYgIrL says:

    I just found out I can just about go to C6, although it’s a bit of a strain. See, I need to sing that high for a song I wish to perform but I can only do it in falsetto and that ruins this very powerful song.

  28. Beat x666 says:

    *if u dont do it right u can loose notes on ur chest voice*. Lol im happy too loose them i just want to gain head voice. I love high pitched songs rather low pitched bass songs.

  29. 2:43 he sounded like the DOTA announcer for first blood

  30. Exo Trash says:

    This helps a lot. I belong to the school choir and asked to sing in soprano, cause I can’t reach the tone of alto. my chest voice is very strong, but sopranos usually use head voice and it makes me feel left out with such a weak head voice, and the sopranos tend to laugh at me πŸ˜“. I hope to learn more and finally match up to my choir team’s expectations. thanks so muchhh!!!!

  31. Gabriel F. CΓ©spedes says:

    I can reach very high notes but is the pasaggio what gets me. Following your daily exercises to help my chest voice

  32. Darklightning 1412 says:

    I’ve started some weeks ago doing exercises and looking at methods and I feel a slight change in my voice

  33. If the proof is in my Singing
    We have a problem

  34. Sheldon Stewart says:

    Hi there! I was wondering if you could answer me this…let’s say you plugged your nose when you sing in your head voice. Will your voice sound any different?

  35. TheGamingFellow says:

    How long did you work toward smoothing the bridge between falsetto and chest voice before you were able to sing with one voice like that.

  36. Alaa Hosny says:

    how can i belt c6 i am tenor i can hit A5

  37. Olga Mironenko says:

    Dear Ken, what did you mean by “chick singing” high up in the head voice? Thanks

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