BREATH SUPPORT FOR SINGING (Lesson 6): ‘Supporting in a V’

Discover all about BREATH SUPPORT FOR SINGING (Lesson 6): ‘Supporting in a V’ by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here BREATH SUPPORT FOR SINGING (Lesson 6): ‘Supporting in a V’.

In this video, I discuss the specific muscle groups that tend to become engaged when supporting the singing tone, and talk about the ‘directionality’ of the coordination of these support muscles.

4 thoughts on “BREATH SUPPORT FOR SINGING (Lesson 6): ‘Supporting in a V’

  1. lifelonglearner says:

    So when is a song coming Karen?

  2. Edward Wheeler says:

    The support comes from the internal obliques which are located within the corners of the V-Shape(pelvis). The upper obliques are in the upper corners of the ribcage.

    The transverse abdominus is the corset like muscle that wraps around the stomach area.

    The transverse abdominus is activated during bracing.

    I use a modified posteriolateral breath to support similar to Pilates( I am a Pilates Mat Instructor) which gives a similiar experience to what you described.

    I breath full and round but my lower abdominals stay somewhat in a resistant state. If that makes any sense

  3. Pranil Bajracharya says:

    Thank you so much..This Video really helped me a lot:)

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