BEST beginner SINGING exercise | how to sing the 5 Note Scale | #DrDan tutorial.

Discover all about BEST beginner SINGING exercise | how to sing the 5 Note Scale | #DrDan tutorial. by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here BEST beginner SINGING exercise | how to sing the 5 Note Scale | #DrDan tutorial..

BEST beginner SINGING exercise. How to sing the 5 Note Scale!
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Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of these five notes! This might be the easiest singing exercise known to man…but that doesn’t mean you won’t learn heaps. These five notes pack-a-punch.

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16 thoughts on “BEST beginner SINGING exercise | how to sing the 5 Note Scale | #DrDan tutorial.

  1. Terrific !!! …thank you Dan :)…this video I’ll be visiting every day
    for my daily exercises….Love it, because it’s simple , fun and effective
    ..big thumbs up 🙂 …Jen ((*_*))

  2. Dan, a great video as always, but I would love to hear you move up higher
    past the passaggio and into your head voice. Maybe you could consider that
    in another video? Bob

  3. Dr. Dan I’ve a lil prob wid my throat… Whenever i try to sing 2-3 songs
    continously my throat becomes weak and I m not able to sing upto my full
    capacity… And also whenever i take high notes for any male singer’s song
    my throat doesn’t opens upto full capacity but in case of female’s song i
    try n sing wid head voice and i comfortably do it… Can you help wid it…

  4. Thanks! This helped me a lot! I’ve been looking for ways to improve my
    vocals and learn my voice as a singer. Your videos have really helped me. I
    wish I had found you sooner!

  5. omg! this video helps me a lot ^_^ thank you so much dr. dan. i give you
    thumbs up 🙂 i hope you made more videos about finding our voices. thanks

  6. Thank you, Dr. Dan, for this video. I appreciate your scientific take on
    vocal training. I would like to know how to sequence a daily exercise
    routine. I am 22 and have been singing for quite a long time now. So I can
    easily handle a 30 min/ above duration of exercise. So I would like to know
    what elements should my daily exercise comprise of. Which part of my voice
    (anything else like the diaphragm may be) should I start warming up first,
    when to do sirens or when to do slides? It would be great if you can
    explain a proper sequence of exercises for daily practice. Also, I used to
    train in Indian Classical (Hindustani) where the practice of sitting while
    singing is encouraged (rather a must). Can you please explain why standing
    is important while doing these exercises of contemporary singing.

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