Belting vs. Mixed Voice – How to Sing Like Hayley Williams (Only Exception by Paramore)

Discover all about Belting vs. Mixed Voice – How to Sing Like Hayley Williams (Only Exception by Paramore) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Belting vs. Mixed Voice – How to Sing Like Hayley Williams (Only Exception by Paramore).

The true definition of “belting.” Is there an easier way to hit high notes with a punch? Sophie demonstrates a simple exercise to help you learn how.

Sing easier! Sing Better! Period.

40 thoughts on “Belting vs. Mixed Voice – How to Sing Like Hayley Williams (Only Exception by Paramore)

  1. Hey sophie, I thought the siren sound was for the head voice (that’s what I
    see on your video) , how can I know i’m in mixed and not in head if you use
    the same exercise for both? Thanks =)

  2. Sophie can you make a video on “How to sing like Charice Pempengco”. Her
    technique is lowering her larynx to have a bigger tone. Thank you! 

  3. Thank you hit G#5 note because of the siren sound I was able to access the
    phrayngeal sound with ease now I can Power ballads,Pop,Musical Theatre

  4. Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to figure out how to reach the note or
    how hayley does it without messing up the tune of the songs for so long.
    THANK YOU :)

  5. Hi Sophie, I just came to ask how powerful is muscle memory. Whenever I’m
    ill or having a cold, I’m afraid to stop singing in fears of losing my

  6. Hey Uh, quick question that doesnt exactly pertain to this lesson but, what
    type of singer am I if I am in the vocal range F3- B5 and highest I’ve
    ever hit was a C6 or something near that? I am 15 years old by the way and
    my voice is sorta different sounding, a lot like Sia or Rihanna what does
    that mean as well? Someone told me that I naturally sing in Mixed voice but
    Im not sure….

  7. Some call mixed voice – healthy belting like Kerri Ho! you are both
    awesome, and it’s good to know that the same essential things have
    different definitions by vocal coaches! :)

  8. Wow. Your vowels for reALity and CAN’T were more pure than Hayley’s. She
    really punches the attack (especially on her /k/ and /g/) and does more of
    a KENT than CAN’T. Is it her strong use of pharyngeal that makes it sound
    so resonant and twangy without going too bright? I love her voice because
    she can do a very punk sound without getting shouty or splatty, so I’m
    trying to emulate some of her more efficacious modifications in my mix
    (it’s hit or miss with a male voice, though).
    Without throwing anyone under the bus, she did change vocal coaches and her
    stamina increased despite carrying more power up higher. Some called her
    previous technique problematic (for her style, not inherently… also
    complicated by her poor warm-up habits by her own admission) mostly because
    she “bridged too early” for the sound she goes for, so her mixed D5-F#5
    used to get a bit shouty and crack.

    Knowing that she has the same power in her D5-F#5 that she used to have
    about three semitones lower, why do some people insist that bridging
    “later” is inherently harmful when she can do it now, sing higher with
    resonance that used to be reserved for relatively lower notes, and can do
    world tours without cancelling shows and ending up in doctors offices like
    she used to suffer through with trying to bring her old technique up higher?

    Is there not a safe way to bring more chest into the mix just a few notes

  9. Please, belting and mixed voice are two different things. Of course you
    have to perform belting in a healthy way but that’s not mixing. Just listen
    to Christina Aguilera, what she use is not mixed voice, it’s pure belting.

  10. Hi Sophie, your video was really helpful! Do you think you can do “Careful”
    by Paramore? I am a soprano one and I really struggle to bring out the
    power in that song. Thanks so much!!

  11. Does this work to all kind of singers? You know because, I’m a soprano who
    came here from classical singing with a more “coloratura” sound and I
    definitely don’t have a connection between my head voice and chest voice,
    they sound too different. And when I sing pop and stuff, if I belt the
    notes out with chest voice it works but sounds forced, and if I try to have
    that mixed voice I sound extremely nasal. So is that something that can be
    fixed or just me being untalented?

  12. omg i Love this woman she explains things in my language. ive never
    followed any vocal coach untill now sophie is the best! God bless her!

  13. I have a question…so the highs in the mixed voice sounds a little bit
    nasal right? You have to try to sing like that or it just come by trying to
    sing high with your chest? I hope you understand my question, English is
    not my first language 

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