Beginners Singing lessons – Learning To Sing On Pitch (Part Two)

Discover all about Beginners Singing lessons – Learning To Sing On Pitch (Part Two) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Beginners Singing lessons – Learning To Sing On Pitch (Part Two).


In today’s video lesson I am going to take you through part two of my Beginner Singing Lessons Series. In the first video I showed you how to find your tone. Now I am going to teach you how to sing on different pitches or notes.

41 thoughts on “Beginners Singing lessons – Learning To Sing On Pitch (Part Two)

  1. beautybycheyenne says:

    i recorded my self my ears hurt afterwards

  2. Giuliana Bieber Ingegneri says:

    u have a big forehead

  3. Cindee Franke says:

    How do you not sing through your throat? I sing through my throat and I
    sound like crap I am also tone deaf lol partially deaf in one ear too 😐

  4. I have exactly the same! But I also play guitar and I have no problem with
    hearing tones from my guitar, only form myself. So half-deaf shouldn’t be a
    reason for completely tonedeaf. I guess I (and you too :D) should just
    watch all these videos and practice, practice, practice.

  5. Pasindu Dushantha says:

    Thank you very mchn,,, nice lessons,,,

  6. tarzanoutcast333 says:

    I’m seeing progress thank you so much

  7. 93thejackal says:

    Oh my God I was doing this along with the video and suddenly my voice
    seemed to math the piano sound! It was like we were hitting exactly the
    same note, I almost lost the sound of my voice 😀

  8. Nativehustler21 says:

    lol this guy would be the last guy I’d expect how to sing! lol. more like a
    ufc fighter! lol…

  9. Itzel Dallas says:

    I dont knoe how to sing well but this is helping (:

  10. GlamMetalDude says:

    thank you, i love you, please let me marry your sister!

  11. Ali al hihi says:

    oh god i am glad my brother has his headsets on and playing black ops :p

  12. faith wood says:

    I’m sooooo high pitched and I keep cracking

  13. Georgiana says:

    it is much better when you’re singing with someone, in our case (shy
    people) you’re that one 😀 thank you for the videos, you are doing a great
    job :D:D

  14. charlie vargas says:

    Thanks, had no idea of my voice range 🙂

  15. Random Guider says:

    i’d really appreciate a feedback on my comment,you said vocal exercises,how
    many times a day?week?should i do to see performance,my voice has the
    habbit of jumping somethimes even when i speak normally,how’d i fix that?

  16. I feel like I have a high talking voice but in more in the guy range

  17. russell starmore says:

    i have high low and high voice range hehe

  18. khaliya riley says:

    I don’t now how to sing at all and i think I’m getting since i did this
    bahh thing

  19. Rosalyue Evelinya says:

    I sing in the church choir and we always use a similar exersice for worming
    But we don’t sing ‘ba ba ba ba ba’. We sing “Kre-ma-to-ri-um” (the german
    word for crematorium). When I asked, why we sing that particular word, I
    was told, that it’s a good word for worming up, because it conains all five
    vowels and it teaches as to control our pronuciation of the ‘K’ at the
    beginning of the word. We Tyrolians tend to pronounce ‘Ks’ quite harshly,
    especially at the beginnings of words.

  20. Mamun Talukder says:

    wow!! lovely, I believe it’s the real tutorials to learn good Singing. I
    love it :)

  21. Robert Kelly says:

    I am singing but how do i know if i am on pitch? Is it unimportant right

  22. matt matthew says:

    Why are these videos so short?

  23. Steven Echeverria says:

    hey thanks so much for doing this keep up the vids

  24. MissPurpur says:

    the girl’s tone is too high for me. i don’t have that high of a voice so i
    just went for the guys version, i hope that’s okay. 

  25. Yalic Nurdov says:

    Alrite mate, how is it going? Cheers for your videos and warm ups, such a
    great social service!!!… I’m a guitar player, more of a rocker, but I’ve
    always wanted to sing… I’ve been singing for about a year now, and I’ve
    improved…. but there’s always lots of room to improve… My biggest issue
    now is tone… Sometimes I start out good enough and later in the song I
    lose it for a few seconds… either I go out of key or get my voice to
    sound really breathy and weak… I don’t like that… Pepole tell me to
    watch my breathing, and I’m very aware of it, I do my breathing exercices
    and breathe a lot trying to hold it, during instrumenttal breaks… but
    it’s still not enough!! Any advice mate?? I would really appreciate it!!!

  26. You’re so awesome for taking the time to share these tips for us viewers.
    Thank you so much!

  27. Sina Youssefian says:

    Easy to grasp and right to the point … Thanks

  28. Virgin Currx says:

    Thanks for the series…I guess I’m gonna be a singer and will help my
    grands in that! Thank you Sir!

  29. 23Nuwanda says:

    thanks! what notes did you play? i got a keyboard i wanna practice this on

  30. That means, she alternates between vocal registers, volumes and intensity.

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