Beginner Singing Lesson – Connecting syllables

Discover all about Beginner Singing Lesson – Connecting syllables by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Beginner Singing Lesson – Connecting syllables.

In this video we look at connecting vowel syllables to create more melodic phrases. Practicing shorter syllables helps us learn how to use our voice, and by maintaining that sound into more melodic connected melodies we carry over that more fully produced tone.

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8 thoughts on “Beginner Singing Lesson – Connecting syllables

  1. Jeff Rolka says:

    New beginner lesson: connecting shorter syllables to melodies.

  2. Zoe Hawnt says:

    thanks for sharing your info. tells you why the excersize is important!

  3. What I really enjoy about this video and many of your videos is that you
    offer levels. I challenge myself, and I appreciate other people who
    acknowledge the thirst for more when training the voice.

  4. Sheryl Bremer says:

    Great video. You are very watchable and you get right to business. I
    appreciate that.

  5. Keshawnna says:

    So remember to think of everything as one voice, one register, etc.

  6. Rafael Benjamin says:

    Good information is, everybody has it. You just need to discover ways to use it to sing.

  7. Hold on to it, and try to sing a notice that is in concord with the word that you have performed on the piano.

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