Beginner Singers, I Feel Your Pain! – What Learning Guitar Taught Me About Singing – Felicia Ricci

Discover all about Beginner Singers, I Feel Your Pain! – What Learning Guitar Taught Me About Singing – Felicia Ricci by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Beginner Singers, I Feel Your Pain! – What Learning Guitar Taught Me About Singing – Felicia Ricci.

Beginner Singers, I Feel Your Pain! – What Learning Guitar Taught Me About Singing / – Take my FREE 3 video belt singing course!

Today’s all about me learning how to play the guitar and appreciating what it’s like to be a beginner singer! Particularly when it’s time to practice singing.

Since I’ve been singing like forever, I didn’t realize the struggle is actually real. So I came up with some approaches and mindsets I picked up from learning an instrument that will lead you to the most progress in singing.

Here are a few tips that will help you, my beginner and not-so-beginner friends:

1.) Practice, practice, practice. Beginning singing lessons can seem like it will take hours. Instead, shoot for at least 15-30 minutes a day. It’s better to practice more frequently, for less time, than to do one marathon practice session per week.

2.) Take a break. It’s okay to step away from practice and know when to call it a day. Sometimes you need to sleep on a new skill or technique to help commit it to muscle memory.

3.) Happy practice = Faster progress. Beginner singing lessons can be frustrating. But remember, singing is an opportunity for you to experience joy and have fun. Go easy on yourself and always think positive!

Singing for beginners isn’t that different from guitar for beginners.

Hope you enjoy this vid! Now let’s start strumming and singing! 🙂

xo Fel


As a professional voice finder, it’s my sworn duty to teach you how to find your singing voice! Learning how to improve your singing voice is all about simple, achievable steps that make SENSE to you. All of us learn how to sing on our own timeline, and certain things will click more than others. But it’s important that YOU understand your voice more than anyone else — learning how to be a good singer is, in many ways, getting to know yourself 🙂 If you feel you don’t yet know how to sing like a pro, be patient — every baby step and daily practice session helps. (And I’ll keep posting new vids to help you!)
xo Fel

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40 thoughts on “Beginner Singers, I Feel Your Pain! – What Learning Guitar Taught Me About Singing – Felicia Ricci

  1. Perfy Cassidy says:

    Ok so I have this problem. I really would like to understand (and then
    maybe do) a thing I hear in a song. I don’t know what that is called and
    how to do it. It’s the thing Perrie do at 1:04 in the song “Love me or
    leave me here”. PLEASE PLEASE help.

  2. i play guitar!! i love it!! its my passion

  3. Kevin Quattrocchi says:

    I will teach you guitar and you teach me to sing deal?

  4. Sheena Nogas says:

    I soo love your tips on singing.. It really helps me lot! Thank God to
    youu! #iamafrustratedsinger 😊

  5. kawaii panda love says:

    can you do a how to sing not about angels by birdy

  6. I learned guitar first and now I want to learn how to sing.

  7. Niels van Londen says:

    Hi Fel, I have the strangest question about singing for you! I hope you can
    help.. I struggle with starting singing on music.. It seems that I don’t
    know wether you start singing on the note or before or after.. when I count
    to four to get the rhytem right I am always late or early when I try
    instrumental songs… how do i get confident in this? does the music leads
    the singer or the other way around? how do you now where to drop the words
    on music what do you listen to? Do you count to 4 in your head
    continueously? Thanks!

  8. vintagetitanic26 says:

    Yes! I was just getting mad at my computer because I couldn’t figure out
    how to make a technical thing work and was ready to shoot my computer! I
    hope I can apply this to my singing and my bad computer problems! Thanks,

  9. This made me happy, what a great way to approach learning, to laugh instead
    of barking at myself, recess is a great metaphor, thanks :)

  10. One Voice says:

    The frustration you had learning beginner chords reminds me of my self my
    sophomore year of high school. It made me me laugh at myself. Thanks for
    that 😄

  11. chloe franklin says:

    how do you set singing goals for yourself ?

  12. Wael Jida says:

    Nice ….crazy funny 😀 .. and quite helpful… you do make sense

  13. Sai Magar says:

    You are Awesome…..THANK YOU!!!

  14. Jamers 14 says:

    Hey Fel, awesome video! Thanks! :)

  15. Jenna MacWhirter says:

    This is SUPER helpful. I’m coming back to singing after a hiatus several
    years long. It’s VERY hard having patience with myself, knowing where I
    *was* compared to now. I have the advantage of that old muscle memory
    coming back, of course, but after an emotionally exhausting first practice
    I was just about ready to give up…except I’d already e-mailed the
    director of the choir I’m going to be joining in September, so I felt like
    I couldn’t. Good thing. You are so right about needing to sleep on it and
    to stay positive. I love your laughing and having fun with mistakes. I’m
    going to use that (and defy my husband to think I’m crazy 😉 ).

  16. Jay Andrew says:

    How do you get past not liking your voice and what your natural singing
    voice sounds like?

  17. Pamela Zamora says:

    I loved this video ! i play decently guitar and I LOVE singing, but I dont
    have a good method and you`ve helped me SO MUCH. l really recommend youtube
    check he is an amazing guitar teacher and has a great
    practice method for beginners. (I kept on saying how I LOVE you throughout
    the whole video, I hope thats not weird) ;)

  18. Sean Simpson says:

    I’m in the process of learning to sing and play the guitar and I suck at
    both but Im going to try and be positive

  19. Diha Worlikar says:

    Hey I’m loving Your vedios and you know what i just started to learn guitar
    i join my classes yesterday and i was finding it too too difficult and i
    was frustrated but after watching your vedio i get some relief and I’m a
    beginner I’m learning teen pop I’m from your vocal vedios and all other
    stuff i wanna make my passion as my profession and i want to be a Damm good
    singer i think i sound similar to Justin Bieber well that may be bcoz I’m
    his die heart fan i use to hear him i use to sound like i practiced a lott
    i sound similar but den i took a long long gap now that I’ve started again
    i finding it interesting and i wanted someone to guide me how do i give my
    best well I’m a guy like if i have decided i put my hole mind soul heart
    time and money in it soo I’m trying dam hard but i fell like i need a guide
    to tell me what’s right and wrong
    i hope you help me out and reply me soon

    Mr D

  20. Live Music says:

    Thank you Fel!!! I am just starting both! Woo!😜😄

  21. Joe Mccane says:

    always put ur finger right before the fret ur playing on lol sorry it
    bothers me as a guitar player

  22. Nazanin K says:

    hi Fel, is there any routin progress for beginers that they want to learn
    and start singing with you?

  23. Ricardo Vital says:

    You are awsome! Got a new fan!

  24. prasath raj says:

    hye Fel … actually urmm , i am an indian singer…. not proven as
    singer…. but i have some problems too ….. like breaking my voice high
    pitch …… and indian songs are actually way more classical and hard
    ….. can you please hook me up with a instant tip to break my voice and
    hit high pitch

  25. Bruna craftGM says:

    I sing everyday, for several hours. Is this good or bad for me? Am I
    overusing my voice?

  26. Julia Pinzon says:

    I totally understand what you’re saying, I’m learning how to sing but have
    been playing guitar all my life. I just started recording videos of myself
    playing guitar/ukulele while singing and I’ve been realizing that
    positivity and having a good time is the key to making a successful video
    or track. The times I get really into the song and enjoy the way the notes
    feel in my throat/mouth, those are the times I sound the best. I’m thinking
    back to when I was a young child learning chords on guitar I would get a
    bit frustrated too when some of my fingers muted other strings or when I
    needed more pressure but my fingers hurt, but since my brothers also played
    I associated playing guitar with having fun and making music that sounded
    good. Instruments have always been fun for me. Thank you for all your
    singing tips, you’ve helped me a lot. Singing did not come easy for me at
    all, it frustrated me. Remembering to have fun with it has been
    instrumental in my progress. Thanks again for your help

  27. Goku Black: My body will remember this…hehe 😈

  28. Ashley Nguyen says:

    Does she teach in person or just in videos?

  29. Gerardo Gerardo says:

    Yay Fel !! Guitar !! Guitar is better anyway. Cheers, G 😀 London

  30. Gerardo Gerardo says:

    Hoza the gui-tar goin? I’m still working on the whole voice thin 😀 G

  31. Gerardo Gerardo says:

    Electric is easier, plus you can Rock-N-Rooooolll !!! 😀 G

  32. All videos gold, thank you.

    I would enjoy hearing ‘beginner singers’ who watch your channel submit some
    vocals for you to give input on and help him/her/us all improve.

  33. Daydreamer says:

    Because I play the guitar I startet singing. Some years ago, I didn’t like
    music at all. Now music is my life :D. I am ill now and I really miss to
    sing :(

  34. Shabtay Matalon says:

    I started learning guitar 16 months ago and your tips and approach are
    right on the money. 4 months ago I stared learning to sing in a college
    class. I’m using many of your on line videos for warm-ups and specific
    skills. Just started working on Vibrato and Belting and we’ll see how it

    I still think that learning guitar is way more difficult …, but maybe
    with singing I don’t know yet what I don’t know.

    BTW, I’m 64 years old, indicating that you can do this at any age.

    And last, besides the value you provide, you are so fun to watch. Cheers!

  35. TAPU Nyarum says:

    Hey fel, I am totally a beginner as I have been practicing vocal warm up
    since pass few days, or may a week, presently I have been working on my
    breathing, which u have UNDERLINED AS THE MOST IMPERATIVE thing as well as
    I am also working on my high note or pitch voice or vocal tune ( due this I
    think my neighbours are bit annoyed with me lol! anyways they will get use
    to it )And relating to this video i would say.
    U always comes out with something wonder ideas, for instance utilising your
    positive attitude towards what u do, which I am definitely going to
    consider it, as prior to this video whenever I used to sung along with my
    favour song, I used to force it (during high note or range), but I now I
    realise by doing this won’t help me. Anyways without going into further
    details, I would like to thank you for all the tips u have suggested on
    your videos. I really enjoy your video provided ur lucid explanation make
    it bit easier to me to understand this humorous domain. Thanks fel. 👍🏻

  36. حارث يزن says:

    every one in my family says my voice is not beautiful and it is thick , but
    everyone outside my family says it is so so so so beautiful , where is the
    problem ?

  37. Karla Baldwin says:

    In the close to Sing songs concerning the beloved character of God, the thought of affection are upgraded.

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