beauty gurus trying to sing

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40 thoughts on “beauty gurus trying to sing

  1. Spag hetti says:

    is it just me, or does shishter james not seem like the type to like rap at all

  2. Brit x Ash says:

    CAN I JUST SAY lollipop luxury was a bop

  3. Daniela Garcia says:

    Is it me or james is fucking great

  4. I’ll be honest. This was funny😂

  5. Tasty Waffles says:

    The second time James was singing, that was actually really good.

  6. cessy tsun says:

    Let’s be real James sang “Stone Cold” good tho

  7. Basic Madi2323 says:

    SUDDENLY I’m crying RIP XXX

  8. Mikey Lundberg says:

    I love jeffree stars music tbh lol

  9. Taylor Roth-Cerce says:

    shout out to james for not saying nigga haahhaha

  10. Dream Morris says:

    I love how James was so into it

  11. Punktiņš Komatiņš says:

    James actually sings really good now

  12. ᅲᅲ노잼 says:

    Jeffree is actually a singer lmao he’s been one WAY before his makeup career

  13. Tali Singing says:

    Oh hunniiii, was James really wearing fake boobs at the start??

  14. Rebecca Jane says:

    They all need a holistic vocal coach

  15. Lilian Hardy says:

    James isn’t that bad he’s just got an annoying voice lol

  16. Lina Näsberg Mosen says:

    The first time James sang he was good?

  17. Brooke Harris says:

    1:30 James is low key pretty good in this one

  18. Jessica_Kawaii_ UniTV says:

    James isin’t that bad

  19. Tiffany Mantler says:

    James said vagina and punani and yet skipped nigga..

  20. Mystery Queen says:

    James actually forgot to blende his baking powder

  21. Im Everywhere says:

    Shishtar james gave me an eargasm

  22. milk bomb says:

    james Charles is actually good tho lmao

  23. Julpuraxo says:

    James does more than just tries to sing.

  24. Pancakes With Mustache says:

    Omg James its amazing,im not joking

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