Basic Vocal Warm Ups – Sarah Brickel Singers Advice

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Brought to you by Singers Advice, Sarah Brickel takes you through lesson 3 ‘Basic Warm Up’

42 thoughts on “Basic Vocal Warm Ups – Sarah Brickel Singers Advice

  1. Someonerandomization says:

    thanks this really works 🙂

  2. malanda briggs says:

    hi sarah do you have a vocal warmup cd i can purchase?

  3. Christian Gates says:

    in our choir we say “who washed Washingtons white woolen underwear when
    Washingtons washer woman went west”

  4. AvanteLovesMJ says:

    exactly!! NO worries, you did great.

  5. danibunch18 says:

    many mumbling mice are making merry music in the moonlight

  6. danibunch18 says:

    sry its many mumbling mice are making merry music in the moonlight mighty

  7. Camila Bernardes Lima Werneck says:

    I absolutely loved this tips. Thank you from Brazil! 🙂

  8. Maria Lebar says:

    is a good one

  9. Ulugbek Hekimoglu says:

    hı tenx you cool teknıx vokals me compozser musc

  10. thecontemp613 says:


  11. caroline-jane Hall says:

    rubber baby buggy bumper rubber baby buggy bumper rubber baby buggy bumper
    rubber baby buggy bumper this is a warm up as well going up and back bown

  12. čarobni svijet says:

    <3 BRAVOOOO, Thanke youuu <3

  13. Stephen Santoro says:

    great exercises…you are a true pro…thank you for sharing these:)

  14. Valerie Griffin says:

    I don’t really understand the exercises…

  15. Angela Baah says:

    Hi Sarah, I really found your advice useful. It would be great if you
    posted a video where you play the scales completely. Thank you

  16. Kimberly Martinez says:

    Bibbity bobbity bibbity bibbgfhjczdhjvzcbjf

    nailed it ! :p

  17. PATOIRLOVEMUSIC DaniellePatoir says:

    This is great.. thank you. ;)

  18. charitie brooks says:

    i love this! ive not been in a choir for a while and this is helping me
    with my shot voice. one i like to do is “viva la musica” it really helps
    get a nice clear “ooo” sound and helps with diaphragm singing. 

  19. Lola Mariek says:

    This helped so much. Thank you!

  20. niña antonette baguio says:

    thank you so really helped me to become a great singer!!!! god
    bless you

  21. Kate Culberson says:

    Its nice to find someone to warmup with be i go on my tryout….

  22. Julia Baird says:

    Those tips were very helpful for my upcoming audition. 

  23. Lethoscorpia says:

    Ha ha that was the most fun I’ve had warming up ever 🙂 you rock !!!

  24. Rachel Post says:

    Hahahhahahaha all this stuff you are talking about my Teacher has tought us
    all of those techniques and YES they really do work 

  25. Abbie O' Reilly says:

    Try Piccadilly pick a Lili :)

  26. Ava's Beauty Channel_Xx says:

    you have a great voice

  27. Tori Morrison says:

    Thank you, I used this today before I recorded. Easy and very clear, will
    use again !

  28. Manuel Spears says:

    Many people are gifted with pure singing capability, but whether or not you want to change into an expert entertainer, an informal performer, or sing for fun, it is very important learn how shield your best asset and to extend it is potential.

  29. The following poem elevated my understanding of a associated poem that I had studied in my English lessons.

  30. My buddy who is a voice coach bought his college students to carry out a series of love songs he wrote for his wife for Valentine’s Day last yr.

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