8 thoughts on “Barney Takes a Voice Lesson

  1. LOL!!!! This is the most I’ve ever laughed over a video clip. Thanks for

  2. groovylounge says:

    I agree. Me too! You’re welcome.

  3. precioustheguineapig says:

    me they me they iou iou iou

  4. Reta Shaw is actually playing the piano in this scene. Her talents included
    piano playing and singing.

  5. jenandlaw says:

    It’s hard to believe she’s the same woman who played Big Maude (aka Ralph

  6. bubbasouth69 says:

    I’ve just given you an A in breathing!

  7. His teacher is also the women in The ghost and mr chicken who yells TORRO

  8. Max Hester says:

    How do I be taught to sing is a typical question requested by many individuals throughout the world.

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