Asian Singing Lesson Prank (ft. Gotye) – Ownage Pranks

Discover all about Asian Singing Lesson Prank (ft. Gotye) – Ownage Pranks by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Asian Singing Lesson Prank (ft. Gotye) – Ownage Pranks.

I called an ad on craigslist for singing lessons as an Asian guy, it ends up being pretty crazy and hilarious. Please ‘Like’ the video and share it with a friend if it makes yah laugh! I really appreciate the support 😀

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43 thoughts on “Asian Singing Lesson Prank (ft. Gotye) – Ownage Pranks

  1. morten kristensen says:

    DUDE your a freaking legend man. this is crazy how you can just improvise
    like that. somebody should hire you for an animated tv show like american
    dad or something. i wish had money that i just could donate to you so you
    could animate more episodes. but i dont so i can only give you my love and
    i do fucking love your work man keep this up =)

  2. Lauren Duong says:


  3. Lauren Freeman says:

    hahahahahaha OMG I AM LITERALLY CRYING WITH LAUGHTER!!! My favourite by
    farrrrr!!! PLEASE do more singing pranks!!!!

  4. jan mravljak says:

    I-I-I dont an-n-nderstand you s-s-so … xD

  5. Frostic Animations says:

    how does a human hold in his laugh this well

  6. Annikin Starkiller says:

    dayum can someboodee post da lyrics ding ding ding

  7. Ruben Lugo says:


  8. Ginky Chook says:

    Me rike you video lot I post my fasebuk page. Yew so smat make ah oder
    suuuupid peopo rye?

  9. defjammed 65 says:


  10. kerimcan bowden says:

    are these acents coming from a men?

  11. Ben Carson gives singing lessons?

  12. Michael Miller says:

    Anyone else get a ‘rapist trying to bait his prey’ vibe off the ‘singing
    teacher’? Need better conditions sounds more like I need to get you alone
    where no one can hear you scream. Buk Lau the predator of predators!

  13. MaxAir365 says:

    i dont think someone could sudder that much in real life

  14. tikiman48 says:

    Like a somboooody that I used to know

  15. meitea - 梅茶 says:

    Sumbooboody sounds like Some booty

  16. i’m telling you, if Buk Lau made a cover of Somebody That I Used To Know
    I’d buy it 😂

  17. RaggedBoy says:

    sooooomboooode that i used to know

  18. Nino Small says:

    The singing teacher that won’t sing….

  19. Rose Perez says:

    OMFG DIED WHEN HE STARTED SINGING “ding ding ding ding ding Dee Dee Dee…”

  20. Evelyn Noble says:

    I love all of his video’s he’s brilliant.

  21. Ginamcsaurus XD says:

    BUT YOU DIDNT HAVE TO CUT ME AWF! *other guys start stuttering *

  22. Reza Lutfi says:

    like a somebodeeeee that i used to loo

  23. How are you so good at these voices?

  24. SYC005 SYC005 says:

    laka sombody dat i use to know

  25. Markthegamer says:

    omfg can’t stop laughing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  26. King Frances says:

    The way he pronounces the Somebody is HILARIOUS!

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  28. Christopher Petersen says:

    Terri believes a powerful foundation of vocal technique must be learned to attain success in any model of singing.

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