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5 Really Good Vocal Warm Ups – Free Online Singing Lessons
Here are 5 really good vocal warm-ups to get them to start with:
1. Speak Your Words.
This sounds simple but it’s a good way to start.
Try to focus on the sound in your mouth, throat and chest and don’t push too much and say the words without sounding too breathy.
2. Hum The Scale
If you are like me, this next one makes your face tickle. As you do it I want you to notice where the vibrations are coming from. The lower notes should vibrate in your throat and the higher ones in your face.
3. Yawn Your Tone.
This may seem weird but I want you to yawn a long continuous yawn starting around the middle of your range. Bring the pitch of the yawn to the top of your range in your chest voice but remember do not strain.
4. Vowel Warm-Ups Exercises
This is good for warming up your words. Singing the scale again but this time using vowel sounds. Start low with “A,E,I,O,U”. Each sound should be held for a couple of seconds. It should all be melodious and flowing.
5. Enunciation
This is a very important warm up as makes sure the words you sing can be understood. I hate it when the word “You” sounds like “Hue”. Who is this Hue and why do so many singers love him?.
No matter how you sing or what style you sing this is a very important exercise. You will perform better and with more confidence if you learn to enunciation clearly.
Finally don’t forget that the rest of your body needs to be warmed up as well. Stretching your arms over your head and touching your toes is always a good start.
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