Angela of ARCH ENEMY Vocal Lesson on Metal Injection

Discover all about Angela of ARCH ENEMY Vocal Lesson on Metal Injection by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Angela of ARCH ENEMY Vocal Lesson on Metal Injection.

Angela of ARCH ENEMY vocal lesson w/ her coach Melissa Cross.
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44 thoughts on “Angela of ARCH ENEMY Vocal Lesson on Metal Injection

  1. A really really great movie 😀 I love to see how this beautiful woman
    screams 😀 Angela you are the Best. And Melissa Cross… wow… what a
    powerfull voice and technic.

  2. @coolshit28 Not trying to hate on your comment or say your opinion is
    wrong, but this kind of music isn’t fake at all, its all real. Look at most
    of the famous music out there, a lot of it is fake or its all studio made.
    Thats just my opinion.

  3. @fyourcouchnigga please tell me you are a female and not some gay dude so i
    can rest assured that there are no people out there plotting on biting my
    weiner off

  4. I love Arch Enemy’s style because they have this classic metal instrumental
    sound except heavier with death metal vocals. 

  5. Well, pretty much all music is ‘studio-made’, but I agree that you really
    do need the make the music yourself, rather than fix it on the computer.

  6. This woman is a hack. The lessons about breath and diaphragm control are
    legitimate, and you can learn that from any vocal instructor, but I promise
    you, that if you are screaming and partying all night, every night for
    months or years straight you will experience some troubles. 

  7. I wish that I could take lessons from Melissa Cross or find a REALLY good
    teacher to demonstrate to me on how to scream. I want to know so bad
    because I want to start my own band, and I don’t want my music to sound
    like shit so I need my vocals to be up to a tee.

  8. I love the fact that sharlee D’angelo(arch enemys bassist) is this massive
    6 foot 5 hulking guy with long black hair and beard.

    But has a voice like David beckham XD

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