An easy trick for singing HARMONY - An easy trick for singing HARMONY!

An easy trick for singing HARMONY!

An easy trick for singing HARMONY! - Discover all about An easy trick for singing HARMONY! by reading the article below. If you want to know more about An easy trick for singing HARMONY! and learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here An easy trick for singing HARMONY!.

A powerful and super easy technique for creating beautiful vocal harmonies. For more on harmonizing, get my new singing lesson download:

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Pedal tones create gorgeous harmonizing lines and also include a compositional function. They’re also very easy to sing. If you’ve had trouble with vocal harmonizing in the past, dive in with pedal tones–all you need to do is sing one note!

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  1. Not only are you a great teacher, your voice is really soothing as well 😂keep up with the good work!

  2. again, incredible lessons and exercises you’ve got. i hope you do more. you bring a great sense of clarity to music theory.

  3. You have an amazing talent for narration, if you haven’t already I would suggest looking at that kind of work if you ever need some spare change, thanks for the lesson really enjoyed it

  4. Aren’t those quite archaic musical theory terms? I only ever encountered them in one quite heavy theory book, not having, just saying lol… great lesson.

  5. I can’t find that note for the dominant at 3:21 – I don’t think we got to hear it in isolation

  6. Is it weird that when i listen to a song and try to sing the same notes as the singer my brain just doesnt want to but instead it changes my voice to harmonize automatically?

  7. That voice. I could listen to any of your lessons. I have understood everything you said and I have found a way to harmonize my choir.

  8. Bruuuuuh….. You make me feel like Im watching science documentaries in middle school again… like what?!?! You’re talking about music but Im visualizing the start of the universe. Its like being in a room with Morgan Freeman.

  9. whenever im listening to a song i try to harmonize but my vocal chords have a different idea…i can never harmonize. when i try to i end up doing melody again

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