Amazing Grace – Soprano Only – Learn How to Sing Harmony

Discover all about Amazing Grace – Soprano Only – Learn How to Sing Harmony by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Amazing Grace – Soprano Only – Learn How to Sing Harmony.

This is intended to help you learn how to sing the soprano part to Amazing Grace. To learn how to sing your part to Amazing Grace, all you need to do is follow a simple four step process:

1. Decide which part best fits your voice. The following links are to other videos that will help you learn to sing the other three parts:


To see all of these videos embedded on a single page, go to

Start by taking a guess as to which part you will enjoy singing most. If you’re a girl, you’ll probably want to sing either the soprano or alto part. If you’re a guy you’ll probably want to sing either the tenor or bass part. If you’re having trouble with one, try a different one. Sing the part you enjoy the most. Some guys may actually want to sing the alto and soprano parts an octave lower.

2. Listen to your part via the links above (or this video). Learn it really well, so that you can sing your part with any of the verses. If you don’t read music, just look at the words, listen to your part, and sing along. Get help from a musical friend if you need it.

3. Follow this link () to test yourself and see if you can sing your part while hearing the other parts too. If you can, you’re ready to go sing in church. Belt it out as loud as you can!

4. Print off the music and practice in a group (a printable PDF is available here: ). Find some friends to sing a few other parts and see if you can hold it together a cappella. This will reinforce your ability so that it can be permanent, and will also decrease your need to hear your part in order to sing it.

I hope you enjoy learning how to sing Amazing Grace. To use the “How to Sing Harmony” web app, go to

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