Alan Walker – Sing Me To Sleep

Discover all about Alan Walker – Sing Me To Sleep by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Alan Walker – Sing Me To Sleep.

Listen to “Sing Me To Sleep”:


Vocalist: Iselin Solheim

Video Location: Hong Kong
Produced by: Bror Bror
Directors: Rikkard & Tobias Häggbom
D.O.P: Rikkard Häggbom
Production manager: Julie Misaki
Production assistant: Hanson Fok
Stylist: Mia Adam

Editing: John Lindgren
Grading: Bror Bror
VFX: Mofeel Pictures

Actors: Shahab Salehi, Zenobia Hamrin, Henry Tang & Yam Wai Sang

© 2016 Alan Walker & MER Musikk
℗ 2016 Sony Music Entertainment Sweden AB

40 thoughts on “Alan Walker – Sing Me To Sleep


  2. Thi Duong says:

    N.T.N đả đưa tôi đến đây
    Việt Nam! Điểm danh

  3. Salsabila Adinda says:

    Knapa lagu lagunya Alan Walker suaranya cewek?

  4. bryan02734 says:

    The beat dropped harder than the amount of original comments

  5. Scott Dawson says:

    Is it just me or is the backstory to this music video awesome, but totally
    hard to understand?

  6. sum Sumsumsum says:

    I come from Hong Kong and I F**KING love this place and Mr Robot!!!!!!

  7. Josh Chamberlain says:

    make the next music video in Puerto Rico

  8. sum Sumsumsum says:

    The chinese on the letter is saying “Join Us, Walker”

  9. Thu Hương says:

    – Did you mix between Force, Spectre and Faded???

  10. Chelsea mãi trong tim tôi says:

    the name of singer?

  11. MaddyMate says:

    when I started play this song I just can’t stop it’s in my head every time
    I played

  12. Felipe Garbuglia says:

    Omg The best song ever!! 🙂 Alan Walker the best!!

  13. Youssef Sadouk says:

    cooooooooooooooooool <3 respect <3

  14. Gin Tassei (GAudio) says:

    Amazing…You’ve done well in the past year <3

  15. Wael Grouci says:

    His name is Alan and he loves walking

  16. Công Lê says:

    pls tell me when “one men show” releash :'(
    cant w8 this track any longer :'(

  17. Durvesh Phondekar says:

    i want 1b views its an awesome song

  18. Salut La Ciocolata says:

    ████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
    ███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good song!

  19. Dragoinic TFL says:

    Alan walker.U sing sing me to sleep at first ok but then after that u sing
    to me sleep

  20. ankith raj says:

    song is amazing .i love it very much

  21. Pro on the Swegames YT says:

    why so many turks D:
    ¨nothing bad meaned to turks

  22. Anmol Gamer Rai says:

    4,377 people don’t know actual music

  23. hello am from vietnams song good

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