Addicted To Love – How To Sing Better With Limited Range – Voice Coach Ken Tamplin – Vocal Academy

Discover all about Addicted To Love – How To Sing Better With Limited Range – Voice Coach Ken Tamplin – Vocal Academy by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Addicted To Love – How To Sing Better With Limited Range – Voice Coach Ken Tamplin – Vocal Academy.

Addicted To Love – How To Sing Better With Limited Range – Voice Coach Ken Tamplin – Vocal Academy

Often times in this day and age with all the singing shows etc., people place such a high emphasis on vocal range, as though this is the only way to determine if someone is a good singer.

This could not be further from the truth.

While it is awesome to have a great range as it increases our toolbox for what we can do creatively/musically, it is far from the only thing that makes us great.

What I try to demonstrate in this video is that Robert Palmer had a very limited range.

But it’s what he did with that range that mattered.

Not everyone is looking to have four octaves on their voice.

But you have a story that no one else has.

Let me say this again. You have a story that no one else has.

Its time that you get out and tell your own story and not worry so much about whether you stack up to American Idol, The Voice, X Factor, and so on.

Get out and kick some booty with your own voice and tell your story!

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40 thoughts on “Addicted To Love – How To Sing Better With Limited Range – Voice Coach Ken Tamplin – Vocal Academy

  1. Lee Gutie says:

    Thanks again Ken your awesome and pls. Stay healthy cause for me your #1 coach and no body else. Peace and may God bless you always. Now I can sing only at Smule but still a lot of compliments I got, cause my voice was change cause of u😎thanks a million👍

  2. Carlos Durán says:

    Great performance, thank you for the inspiration and the teaching😉

  3. In respect of range, or lack thereof, I suggest again Ken, that you take a Paul Williams’ song, as also performed by The Carpenters ()perhaps, and demonstrate how he imbues the song with vulnerability, through his slightly limited (but marvellous) voice. Ordinary Fool () is a particularly good pick. Lastly, enjoyed this version of Addicted … , Ken. Best wishes

  4. David Janes says:

    I might as well face it, I’m addicted to singing too. All great points on range. I never thought about this one, so grabbed my guitar, looked up the chords (easy), played and sang and my TC Helicon Voice Live Play has me at 93% accuracy in practice mode. I think I will keep this one! Thanks Ken, Rock on.

  5. Pavel Danuletiu says:

    Hey Ken! Awesome cover btw. Can I ask you something? Do you know what type of male voice is a D2-Bb5 range? I have problem with what voice I am. I have to say that I have a low speaking register.

  6. Pete's-mods &custom says:

    couldn’t help but sing along with this one bud, loved it.

  7. Paul Daniel says:

    My voice sounds like a tenor but i only have the range of a baritone…so disgusting 😕..I really wish i could sing rich high notes like you..anyway keep up the good work

  8. Pete's-mods &custom says:

    shoot me some Johnny Cougar next if you can for me, maybe big daddy 😉

  9. You’re great, Ken. I greet you from Italy.

  10. Endrit Shabani says:

    I love how chill you are when singing Ken

  11. Joana Marcelino says:

    KEN TMPLIM 👏👏👏👍✌🙏😇💖💋💋😃

  12. I thought Tori would be doing this song ;). I think you need to smoke a pack before you do one of R.P.’s songs.

  13. Kai Ellis says:

    Needed this today! What a great reminder that range is no substitute for strong songwriting and vocal charisma. Thank you!!

  14. Yyzws Kristhoss says:

    Love the vibe, sir! Wonderful video! Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to get your program

  15. Elisa Capllonch says:

    Knew this song because of Tina Turner’s version. Love the song! Thanks Ken, you make everything seem possible! Other coaches usually want only gifted students.

  16. Awsome man! Never expected any less! Loving your boogie at the start! 😂 Keep rocking Ken!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  17. Debjit Biswas says:

    what a vocal power you have sir….I follow your exercise and it works nicely….. thanks…..ktva is the great academy….

  18. I had thyroid cancer and also had my whole neck fused and was cut from chin to chest. I retune music down to my range now. Baritone guitars tuned down to a standard.

  19. Miguel DeMartin says:

    How the fuck did RP die at 54? That just blows…

  20. ADAM.W.SMITH AGAM says:

    Hey sir i want to make a good variation in my voice…i mean i want to do variation like zyan malik.plz teach me…?i want to learn…how can i do it?

  21. Archish Chatterjee says:

    Please try…matt shadows Avenged sevenfold

  22. Linnie Shobha85 says:

    Original vocal arrangements. By Chaka Khan

  23. XenonTone says:

    Anytime I hear you and see you you bring me hope that someday I will sing. Thx bro! You’re amazing.

  24. susan smith says:

    Awww…I remember when this song came on MTV when hey actually played music. I had heard that Robert Palmer had died…is that true? Great rendition. It’s true…he definitely made the most of his range.

  25. Jordan Barr says:

    Ken, i heard that when you were starting out your range was like G1-F3 now its E1-C6. How did you increase the low end of your range and how long did it take.

  26. Cross Eyed Harry says:

    Man, I always love your great positive vibe and attitude! P.S. I listened to this with my eyes closed and swear I heard some Paul Rogers coming through. I’m gonna have to listen to some Bad Company now for certain~

  27. Jake Frederick says:

    Can you do a Tom Petty song Because tom Petty passed away

  28. Paul mcnutt says:

    that was great ken another fun song to do remember the cutting crew I just died in your arms tonight that don’t have lot of upper range I guess they would more power notes maybe I don’t know but keep rocking brio

  29. rickyd121 says:

    What happened to the Black Hair?? 🙂

  30. Basement Berean says:

    That was encouraging. Much of singing – to me anyway – seems to be strategic planning on how to emphasize strengths and work around weaknesses.

  31. Thanks Ken. I’m like you, male, about the same age and voice. I never thought I could sing but now I see that there is no reason I can’t. Once I get the breathing down I think I could be a decent singer.

  32. Jake Frederick says:

    So could you do a video of you singing a heartbreaker song tom petty

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