A vocal lesson with Streisand and her connected range! (B2-C6)

Discover all about A vocal lesson with Streisand and her connected range! (B2-C6) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here A vocal lesson with Streisand and her connected range! (B2-C6).

Make pauses to read, or simply watch as a vocal range video.
This is an updated vocal range of Barbra with me talking about her connected range, enjoy!

18 thoughts on “A vocal lesson with Streisand and her connected range! (B2-C6)

  1. The Life Of The Lambily's Second Channel says:

    What’s her supported range?

  2. The Life Of The Lambily's Second Channel says:

    12:31 hm debatable if growls can be fully resonant

  3. wadah itil says:

    dont make your video too long, its gonna make people lazy to watch it

  4. fuckingbrill says:

    Amazing. Both, video and Barbra. I literally dropped my jaw when I heard that C6! I was sure that it would be that often used exclamation. I bet she could sing AT LEAST up to D6.

  5. Henry Carey says:

    okay, her range is even, but i do not hear something like that of Whitney regarding resonance, vocal dynamics, richness, especially in upper register… Babs is a lyric or coloratura mezzo and whitney was a spinto soprano maybe that effects it but unlike whitney or mahalia, i do not hear richness in her voice.

  6. You’ve made an extraordinary effort here, but the text goes by way too fast. Anyway, as a former voice student myself, and an opera aficionado, I’ve always admired the Streisand voice. She never studied voice, doesn’t read music, and admitted to the chief NY Times music critic that she doesn’t understand how her voice works. Nonetheless, she can go deep into the contralto register, linger in the middle voice, then pop into high notes, either belted or in head voice. And there are no noticeable gaps or interruptions in her registers. And her breath control is the envy of every singer. She is one of those rare phenomenons who was born with a great technique and a musical soul. I can’t explain it either!

  7. Joshua Santiago says:

    you need to change that font sis to a san serif or a better serif font. just to improve readabilty.

  8. Wilson Tang says:

    im not even gonna bother trying to read that fast

  9. BELTERFAN says:

    Never heard that C6 before!! I think I don’t have it!! The magic of Barbra’s voice is that she can be ethereal and aggressive and very few singers can achieve that. I thought you would use some extracts from Moonfall they say it’s very complex due to the dynamics and the range needed it to sing it.

  10. Andy H. D. C. says:

    I’m about to sleep, I just gave it a quick look, and I found it awesome, tomorrow I’ll wake up and the first thing I’ll do will be watching this video, taking the time to read it, because I think this is gold

  11. InterestingName says:

    Great video with a lot of hard work put into it. Well done. The only issue is that the writing disappears way too fast. I’m not able to read it

  12. daniel patrick Rodrigues says:

    I think Barbra’s “secret”, is that she always sing with a relaxed throat, with a broadway style. Is not hard to do that though, but I wonder if other singers doesn’t sing like that because of their style, because singing a R&b, Gospel, Rock song with her style, for me sounds off. The vocal run obviously had more than 4 notes though, who told you otherwise? There are six notes on the run itself, but she did a vibrato in some notes, which add more.

  13. It’s a fantastic video, I love how in depth you go. Unfortunately I struggled to keep up as I’m dyslexic and the writing was very fast nevertheless I very much enjoyed this, thank you for making it.

  14. Barbra Jones says:

    hey legendary vocalist–i really enjoy your videos and i am a huge fan of barbra since i was a teenager. i was wondering what your musical background is and how old you are.

  15. Harry Bleachwood says:

    Your videos are always so detailed and educational

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