6 Tips for Singing Into a Microphone – Record Vocals for Best Results – Felicia Ricci

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6 Tips for Singing Into a Microphone – Record Vocals for Best Results / – Take my FREE 3-video belt singing course!

Here’s a lil video all about microphone singing! My best 6 tips for knowing how to record vocals for optimal results. They are:

1) Set levels so they’re not too high; otherwise you’ll max out and distort your vocal recording — and, worse, try to hold back or sing tentatively to accommodate this too-high setting. Instead, aim for a lower microphone level. You can always boost it later.

2) Get your live monitor/headphone levels right! Singing with headphones always presents its own set of challenges, so I almost always leave one ear outside of the headphones as I’m singing to get some live feedback.

3) Don’t forget your breathing DOWN BELOW! The microphone picks up what you’re creating up top, however, the work and effort happens via the rest of your body. Don’t forget your technique or become a “neck-up” singer in the studio.

4) Be mindful of how distance to the microphone affects the nuance, intimacy and volume of what you’re singing. Closer = more intimate. Further away = taller, more echo-y, for louder moments.

5) Learn how to breathe without harsh, noticeable gasps (super distracting — and I give you a quick tutorial on how to do this in the video).

6) Finally, experiment! Microphones are incredible tools, so don’t be intimidated! Just practice and see what sounds good, then trust your instincts. 🙂

In the video I also mentioned that I was using an Audio-Technica AT4040 condenser microphone for $299 –

Ooh! Even better — AT4040 plus pop-filter and XLR cable, for $299:

Other good condenser microphones….

AT2020 microphone is $99 –

AT2020 microphone with USB hookup is $149 –

MXL 770 for $75 –

My headphones are also Audio-Technica (see a trend here?) and you can find them here:

*Please note, these are Amazon affiliate links.

Hope this video and these resources are helpful!!
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    Omg I love your channel bc me and my friend are going to start a music
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    This video is so lovely and amazing. It’s super funny with the editing.
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  16. Johnny Sierra says:

    Is learning to sing the same thing as sounding good? My example is this,
    take the song “Happy Birthday To You” Lets say that there are 10 singers
    male and female. The all match pitch to the song 100% perfect. Even though
    they are singing along to “Happy Birthday To You” perfectly, they all have
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    ($)lol. my buddy who is a recording engineer and a musician is always
    giving me tips on recording and of course I like to go in YouTube to new
    learn new things. Your video was hilarious and was very helpful. On my old
    recordings there was something about my recordings that I was not happy
    with. I was too close to the microphone and the vocals over powered the
    music. Watching your video was very entertaining and I learned something!
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