3 ways to fix a nervous singing voice – Sing with confidence!

Discover all about 3 ways to fix a nervous singing voice – Sing with confidence! by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here 3 ways to fix a nervous singing voice – Sing with confidence!.

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How to sing with more confidence, and get rid of a nervous shaky singing voice.

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42 thoughts on “3 ways to fix a nervous singing voice – Sing with confidence!

  1. These tips should help me, but it’s easier said than done… I’ve been
    practicing for weeks to sing the national anthem at my high school
    graduation, and I can’t help but feel nervous… I’m performing in front of
    6,000 people… I’m going to try to get myself to relax as best I can, and
    try out these tips! I hope they work! XD

  2. Excellent tips! Focus on the performance with the idea you really want to
    share what you worked hard on is the key to authenticity and people respond
    in an authentic way.

  3. To be honest, this helped me a lot. And you’ve really helped me to find my
    voice just through your videos. Thanks a lot for posting them. I could only
    imagine where I’d be if I took lessons with you.

  4. I’m auditioning for something for t.v and I’m too scared and don know if I
    should do it or not, I’m scared if I don’t do it I’ll be disappointed in
    myself and if I do it I’ll be too scared and mess up and have a shaky voice
    so I don’t know what I should do ?

  5. i get nervous just watching this video about stage fright.😂 in thinking
    about starting a youtube channel, people tell me my voice is a god given
    talent but idk😂lol in alittle scared people at my school will see my

  6. I have to decide in two days if I want to tryout for a choirs event and I
    don’t want to look stupid in front of my classmates this helped some!!
    Thanks you

  7. SO I teared up a bit because I truly struggle with this. #2 really hit home
    and was a GREAT reminder!!! Thank you sooooooooo much!!! This is AWESOME!

  8. It usually requires surgery to put right as in the case of Elton John who now has to sing lower than he did prior to his nodules and Julie Andrews who now cannot sing at all.

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