3 Voice Techniques: Legato, Staccato, Vibrato | Singing | Vocals | Voice | Lesson

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The voice you bring to a performance is often dictated by the style of music you’re performing. Your vocal technique makes all the difference in achieving your stylistic goals. In this video, Jeannie Gagné demonstrates some best practices for when to sing legato or staccato, and when to use (or not use) vibrato.

About Jeannie Gagné:
Jeannie is a world-class vocalist who has been teaching vocal lessons and performing for more than three decades. She has sung with Philip Glass, Cher, toured with reggae legend Frankie Paul, and opened for Barenaked Ladies. She has sung on movie soundtracks and on dozens of recordings, been featured on television and radio, and traveled worldwide to teach and perform. On YouTube she’s known as The Vocal Genie. Her three solo albums highlight her four-octave range and unique vocal style. Jeannie also co-founded Berklee College of Music’s Performance Wellness Institute, where she is a professor on the voice faculty. She is the author of two groundbreaking books, Your Singing Voice: Contemporary Techniques, Expression and Spirit; and Belting: A Guide to Healthy, Powerful Singing.

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3 Voice Techniques: Legato, Staccato, Vibrato | Popular Singing Styles | Singing | Vocals | Voice | Lesson | Berklee Online | Jeannie Gagné

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