3 Tips for How to Sing High Notes – Felicia Ricci

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This video is all about how to sing high notes!

In the realm of singing, high notes are one of those things that have almost mythical status – they can be intimidating, scary, and mentally very troubling for singers, which, in turn, compromises vocal technique.

But knowing how to sing properly when it’s time for those “money moments” is simpler than you think…although “simple,” doesn’t always mean “easy.”

In this video, I’ll give you my top 3 tips for how to sing high notes like a pro, including:

-Why you should anticipate your high note BEFORE it comes
-Why breath is incredibly important for singing (but especially when it comes to high notes)
-How and why you should think DOWN as you go UP

Remember, high notes aren’t really any more “special” or concerning than other notes. So it’s important not to think of them as “separate” from the notes surrounding them. The mental side of this technique is just as important as the physical technique and prep!

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Hope this is all helpful!
xo Fel

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44 thoughts on “3 Tips for How to Sing High Notes – Felicia Ricci

  1. Girl I can’t sing them high notesss, bye Felicia

  2. Alan Chacko says:

    This really changed my way of singing! Worth it. +Felicia Ricci



  4. Edgar Lopez says:

    Scam why does she bother I need to know how to sing not learn something I
    can’t tell

  5. I a girl but my voice is deep. This helped me. Thanks

  6. Ralph Malonzo says:

    You sound like a Disney Princess. 😍😍

  7. Heidy Soriano says:

    i look at every video and im learning how to sing

  8. Anne Paula says:

    i can only hit high notes when i saw a flying cockroacg

  9. Drewtiboo 00 says:

    My high pitch was awesome… until I hit puberty. lol, thanks for helping
    me regain my high pitch!

  10. Mia Grace says:

    When I try and sing a high note I get scared and start humming :(

  11. its just as easy as breathing in your nose with sort of a close breathing,
    not like the usual nasal inhale. its like when you try to hold tears flow
    down & you breath, it should feel narrow in the throat passage. i mean its
    not that hard, just the narration made it look so technical isn’t it? LOL.
    but guys, i experiment it myself, it do works! the science behind it is
    that when you do a ”NARROW NASAL INHALE” it warms or ready the larynx to
    support high notes. or probably because it avoids the larynx to go to down
    on the throat, this state is actually called ”NEUTRAL STATE”. try it, no
    need extensive warm up or shit like that, trust me!

  12. phillipvansui lian says:

    Can you make a video how to sing lean on me by Sohyang???? PLZ!

  13. Tyronne Winfield says:

    Thank you , You are awesome!!!

  14. DigreeLoadedGAMING says:

    Ok I wanted to sing Gorilla – I’m a boy

  15. Morgan Dutchak says:

    Thank you so much!❤️👍🏻

  16. sambhunath banerjee says:

    You really helped me!

  17. Dimebag Darrell says:

    I sing like axl rose 😉

  18. Can you do a video on how to sing like Galinda from Wicked?

  19. Valleria Styles says:

    am I the only one who thinks her high notes are like Ariana’s dangerous

  20. Okay I remember 3 years ago when I auditioned for a club in high school. I
    loved singing back then but I never did any belts outside my house. So when
    the director played the instrumental for my audition piece, I got so
    nervous that I didn’t know I was already belting. And all of my classmates
    were shocked since it was their first time hearing me sing like that.(Also
    I used to be a silent girl) I got shocked too. But now I can’t do it
    anymore. I can’t do high notes that easily but I still went to a vocal
    coach months ago. Now, I’m slowly reviving my voice and this video also
    helped me 🙂 thank you

    1. also, I’m trying my best to not get too shaky when performing in front of
      everyone. My stage fright is now worse ._.

  21. Sir MuggleNutz says:

    her dress reminds me of omega flowey

  22. Christian Scholz-Flöter says:

    Fel, I find the two of your videos I’ve enjoyed quite entertaining and very
    much like your way of presenting your content. But enough praise, I need to
    be off not scrunching my face… ;)

  23. my voice is always raspy and cracky because i don’t drink water a lot and
    when i hit a high note, the voice just disappears, i don’t know why, maybe
    too little air? i try very hard mentally to hit the high’s though..

  24. kirkann spence says:

    That intro is so me😂. Always reaching for the high notes

  25. Norazlan Shah Noradzman says:

    she sounded like Elsa…

  26. Mala Nandani says:

    hey thanks a lot 🙂 it was really helpful

  27. Katsuro Kimura says:

    Can you explain the singing down thing? I still don’t get it

  28. Derrick Watts says:

    Hi i have been singing for a lot of years ,but three week ago i found i
    could not get the high notes anymore i am 68 does this mean its gone your
    am i stressing about it to much. Thank you wonderful coarses on u tube

  29. Mason Armstrong says:

    No, singers do not throw up purposely before they sing.

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