17 year old girl with no singing lessons

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17 year old girl who’s a friend of my little sister is singing here, never took a lesson a day in her life. Give me your opinion, do you think she is good enough and should take lessons? I for one love here voice, reminds me of Norah Jones

11 thoughts on “17 year old girl with no singing lessons

  1. Daniel deLeon Jones says:

    Is this girl based in the US?

  2. Hosea Nash says:

    hello my name is Hosea with Triune Entertainment Group…im scouting talent
    for a major record label out of New York if possible how can we have a talk
    with you ASAP…the company has to put two groups together so lets connect
    (ONLY IF YOUR SERIOUS)…ASAP….triune.ent.group@gmail.com

    and lets talk about your career
    until then God Bless…

  3. james segel says:

    AUDITION for what ever state ur in go to “AMERICA GOT TALENT”

  4. Olaf Prijs says:

    So sorry that it took so long guys, i would have to run it by her.
    And she is dutch living there too

  5. hannah hussain says:

    She’s an amazing singer does she have Instagram I want to follow her ❤️🌸💎

  6. Austin Puckett says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s awesome

  7. Kimberly Ann Clark says:

    I wish I had her singing voice I’m jealous of her she sounds good I want
    that singing voice

  8. Surly Uehara says:

    could you give me singing lessons

  9. Instead, the G4-D5 problem that you have described most likely has to do with how you think about your singing registers? (I don’t like to use that term because it makes people divide the voice into sections), and how you approach them.

  10. I have provided vocal coaching for the Performing Arts course at BCA in Maidenhead and have been Music Co-ordinator at a Primary School in Crowthorne.

  11. Paul Summers says:

    This is why a trainer – or no less than some form of feedback – is very important while you first learn to sing.

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