#1 – Interactive Singing Lessons: Build Power through Toning & Resonating

Discover all about #1 – Interactive Singing Lessons: Build Power through Toning & Resonating by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here #1 – Interactive Singing Lessons: Build Power through Toning & Resonating.

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Los Angeles Vocal Coach Dot Todman teaches how to build your voice through Resonating. Connecting your sound to your body and build a balanced, free, powerful voice.
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35 thoughts on “#1 – Interactive Singing Lessons: Build Power through Toning & Resonating

  1. MrMrNeverquit says:

    This TRULY is awesome thank you so much! I loved this more than you know.
    THank you (:

  2. WOW! That was completely invigorating going along with you! What an amazing
    feeling as a beginner singer feeling that vibration and sound throughout
    the entire body (=

  3. Amanda Mireles says:

    Wow that was actually fun c: thank you a bunch!

  4. Indy Lima X says:

    Oh my God, you are heaven sent! Your energy is so intense and positive,
    that I could connect with you instantly! Thank you so much for this! I feel
    feel like one day we will work together. I’m a singer and a dreamer! God
    Bless you!

  5. DotsVoiceStudios says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Keep enjoying your voice! 😀

  6. DotsVoiceStudios says:

    I’m very happy you enjoyed it Ingrid! 😀

  7. James Sackey says:

    Do these methods relate to yoga/ pilates that kind of thing??

  8. I love this. This has helped me a lot. <3

  9. Manuel Hernandez says:

    wow!, i wish i could move there and learn from you, that was actually Fun
    and helpful, cheers to that! greetings from El Salvador

  10. DotsVoiceStudios says:

    So glad you enjoyed it. Keep it up in El Salvador! Just know you don’t have
    to move here to learn from me. You can always Skype! 😀

  11. DotsVoiceStudios says:

    Great question JameSakey. The answer is yes and no. Yoga relates to moving
    and balancing energy in the body and the different energy centers, or
    chakras using movement. I help singers move and balance their energy by
    connecting sound to their body. Each chakra sound is connected to a certain
    vowel, which resonates more in that area. You can learn more by going to my
    website. Hope this helps.

  12. DotsVoiceStudios says:

    You are so welcome Ingrid. 😀 Keep singing and dreaming.

  13. The base of your spine is your ass! You’re a beautiful woman!

  14. TheMusicVortex says:

    You are a gt vocal coach! Do you skpe?

  15. DotsVoiceStudios says:

    Thank you, and yes I sure do. Skype lessons are awesome. You can learn more
    on my site or go to online-vocal-coach

  16. TheGoldeneye21 says:

    nice …. I have started singing again (not professionally) and I am 34 can
    I still get a god voice and increase my range.

  17. Aaron Desmond says:

    Dot your amazing… Thank you!

  18. Ann Crackel says:

    hi can you watch my video of me singing and tell me what you think please

  19. I like this exercises but I have a question; when I do this, my throat
    feels very tense and strained. Is there something I am doing wrong or I can
    do to help this please?

  20. lecastingfrsp says:

    you are fantastic teacher!!! xxxx

  21. Trine Langohr says:

    My feet are buzzing. You’re amazing. I never thought of linking singing to
    a yoga-like approach!

  22. Hanna Macdonald says:

    So, in the event you’re in a temper to celebration, go lease your self a karaoke machine and have fun singing these pretty songs.

  23. Joseph Watts says:

    CD#2 contains Piano-Only tracks for the singer to use as soon as she is comfortable with the workouts.

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