Discover all about ♬ VOCAL WARM UPS #1 (3 OCTAVES) MAJOR SCALES ♬ by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here ♬ VOCAL WARM UPS #1 (3 OCTAVES) MAJOR SCALES ♬.

This is a vocal warm up using the first 5 notes of the major scale, starting on C it rises through each key for 2 octaves.

Vocal Warm Up # 2 Video !!

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40 thoughts on “♬ VOCAL WARM UPS #1 (3 OCTAVES) MAJOR SCALES ♬

  1. ILiveToMosh says:

    is there a trick to remember how to play the scales? I’m trying to learn
    piano again as well as test my vocal range and I couldn’t help but notice
    there were different patterns for all the notes

  2. Emily Stewart says:

    I was able to hit all of the notes 🙂

  3. My voice professor laid into me last time I forgot to warm up. I’m glad I
    have this now to help me before class!

  4. Cynthia Santos Perez says:

    I can hit every note

  5. HongEn Tsai says:

    I can listen to this for ten hours

  6. Ayla Spillman says:

    I could hit every note except the last like 5

  7. Sorry for this question but what sound are you supposed to make during the

  8. Hayley Strickland says:

    so my range is a D3-E6 (on rare days an F6) guess my range is kinda sucky

  9. I wasn’t able to go past that high F sharp scale near the end but besides
    that I hit pretty much everything

  10. Biancas Alcoriza says:

    this is very helpful thanks

  11. Camera Focuses says:

    can anyone tell me how to sing it please
    I am from a different culture and not a native english speaker but I’ll get
    it if you could help me please.

  12. purplehearted 18 says:

    it realy helped me a lot now i can do whistle tone

  13. Akash Das says:

    someone pls tell what to spell with this note lol?

  14. i really want to practice but i dont know what should i do exactly with
    this video can anyone help?

  15. W. Axl Rose says:

    it’s too low. i need higher notes to warm up.

  16. I just learning piano and practiced my C scale. I’m practicing this scale
    so I can learn I song I like. I appreciate you covering 3 octaves, but can
    you include the fingering, cause I’m founding out this scale starts with
    the second finger and not the first.

  17. Remember to keep your throat open, raise those eyebrows, and “duck fish
    bunny!” (Pretty much just keep your mouth in the shape of an “O”)

  18. Beautiful World says:

    Many, many thanks for your kindness of making this and sharing it with us.

  19. Ravioli Cats says:

    I like to go “one two three four five four three two one” and try to
    pronounce the numbers with my mouth

  20. Who the f* thinks that he has to give a thumbs down here? Only honks do
    this for fun or what????

  21. Adrian Romero says:

    i got to the 4th g what does that mean? :)

  22. Shawnee JWB says:

    Thanks for posting this. It’s my go-to warm up scale =)

  23. Soooo, this is the best warm up I have seen yet. I can easily do the lowest
    notes you have on here, all the way to 1 note from the last comfortably. Is
    there any way you can release a scale with more low notes? I really am
    enjoying this, but I have to change octaves to really push myself.

  24. christoc99 says:

    Should I switch between vowels? or what words should I use to warm up.
    Thanks. From the land of my Yma SUmac. Chris. : )

  25. Marc Agcaoili says:

    Has my voice deepened too much to the point I can’t do this comfortably

  26. I can hit all the notes is that good?

  27. Azib Fansuri says:

    I can hit E2-F6. Is that normal for a 15 year old dank boi?

  28. Nishanth Allen Lobo says:

    starts from which octave C4 or C3?

  29. Kirsty Thomson says:

    accidentally was doing these an octave over what theyre supposed to be…
    got confused when it got crazily high hahahah

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