How to Sing Like a Pro

So you want to learn how to sing like a pro? Make big money, have legions of adoring fans, tour the country, have number 1 albums etc. You get the picture…….. Is it good enough, just to look pretty and use studio effects like pitch shifting etc to make you sound good. Could you pull […]

How To Sing Higher Notes

by jonbetts Muscle memory is essential in studying how to sing far better. Putting as well considerably forceful stress on the muscle tissues surrounding the larynx or voice box will spoil the vocalist’s capacity to carry a tune. Adding a bit of a dopey tone to the voice will encourage the muscle tissues surrounding the […]

Learn To Sing

To learn to sing well, you need to practice daily. Singing lessons are not always available for many people. If you can’t go to singing lessons, consider practicing on your own or using a vocal training program. Here are some things you can do on your own to become better at singing. It will take […]

Singing Lessons #1| How to Start Singing | Gayaki ki shuruvat kaha se ho ? 10 Basic Levels

how to start learning singing, how to start singing for beginners, how to start singing for beginners in Hindi, how to start singing in Hindi There are certain levels in the beginning where a beginner singer is stuck, If you want to improve your singing skills you need to identify the level where your vocals…

Singing Lessons #24 How To Riyaz Without Any Musical Instrument | Apps For Singing Practice | Hindi

My focus is to teach/train beginner level singers using genuine Indian classical music components tested with my experience to enhance light music singing effectively and make all the learners out there independent in singing. My approach and teaching methods are bit different and fast and are applied and tested on me first, So if you…

Singing Lessons #11 How To Develop The Vibrato in Vocal chords | Vibrato Singing Exercises

Learn the technique to produce vibrato in your voice. Vibrato is a voice effect which enhances quality of the song, Hence enhancing its feel too.Try this exercise and improve your vibrato.If any problem related singing Email me Hey Guys ! Connect with me on facebook for your questions related to singing 🙂 For details…